Sunday, December 28, 2008

Highlights of our Christmas Week!

First, Atley starred as a sheep in the Church Christmas Pageant. Okay, so maybe he wasn't the "star" but he is in the picture somewhere.

No, Christmas week is complete without shopping and more shopping. Pictured above are Granny and the boys in Chinatown and Nash completely obsessing over a mannequin with no legs, just a skirt and some boots. He kept saying, "Oh, sad!"

The boys got a little bonding time while they watched TV in our bed.

Christmas Eve excitement made worse by the consumption of vast amounts of chocolate.

Despite all the threats and warnings, Santa came after all and of course, he was quite generous to Atley and Nash.

Capitol and White House Tree!

No, holiday is complete without a little bowling. However, Atley only participates for the dancing!

Finally, a quick/accidental trip to Annapolis, home of the Naval Academy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Early Christmas

My life long dream has always been to become a ROCK STAR. But, after I turned thirty I saw that dream fading into the distant horizon. After all, thirty is over-the-hill for a ROCK STAR. I think it is a bit funny that it took this milestone to deter me from my path and not the fact that I lack the talent, skill, and the ambition required to become a ROCK STAR. I have spent some days feeling a little depressed since I realized my dream would never come into fruition. I have tried outlets like Guitar Hero to console me, but to no avail. However, one thing has assuaged my battered sole and that is my attempt to live vicariously through my favorite ROCK STARS, THE KILLERS! I have been a fan since the beginning, that's right since way back in 2002 when the band was created, but not until recently have I become obsessed. This obsession stems from my unsuccessful attempts at ROCK STARdom and of course because I never had a poster of Kirk Cameron in my bedroom as an adolescent. What tipped the scale from like and deep affection to love and obsession? I heard a cover THE KILLERS did of an old Dire Straits song, called Romeo and Juliet. In my ROCK STAR schemes and dreams, I was always going to cover that song and in my opinion any band with the good taste to cover Dire Straits should be promoted to icon status. Then to my utter astonishment I learned that the beautiful and talented lead singer, Mr. Brandon Flowers, was a Mormon. Yeah, can you believe it? Trust me this is legitimate, not like the Steve Martin rumors. I don't know if dear Brandon is a good Mormon but he helped me realize that it was possible to a be a Mormon and a ROCK STAR. So, you can scarcely imagine the flood of emotions that filled my heart this after noon when the FEDEX truck pulled into the drive and with a single envelope changed my life forever. At first I assumed this was Scott's paycheck, for this is how it arrives each week-but alas when I opened the envelope it was something far more precious than gold. It was an early Christmas Present from my dear husband. A present to top all presents, the present that will get me closer to my dreams of being a ROCK STAR than anything else-tickets to THE KILLERS sold out concert on January 28th at the Patriot Center at George Mason University. I can't help but think that just being in their presence will somehow supersede my old age and lack of talent and transform me into a rock and roll dream. I thank my husband for his selfless gesture of love and devotion. He purchased these tickets knowing full well he could lose me to the bright lights of Hollywood or a more likely scenario to the esteemed position of roadie for the greatest band in American-no make that World History-THE KILLERS!!!!!
P.S. Do they make those Fathead giant wall sticker things of ROCK STARS? And if so could someone please buy me one with Brandon Flowers? And finally, if I really get my Fathead of Brandon Flowers is it inappropriate to hang it in our room or should it go in the basement or garage or someplace more discreet? Oh, come one girls don't judge me with your Edward/Twilight Fantasies! At least Brandon is real!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nash's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Baby Nash!

Okay, so he is not really a baby he is TWO now! How did that happen! I am still using the "I just gave birth" excuse for my chubby belly. We are so thankful to have Nash! He had a rough start but he is a growing, healthy, strong, funny, and crazy little boy now. He is the light of our life. And although he isn't really a pudgy little guy even his nursery teachers agree with us when we say that Nash just has that squeezable quality that makes everyone want to hug and kiss him all the time. You know the kind of baby you just want to gobble up-that's our Nash. Happy Birthday Baby Nash! We love you so much!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Scooter!

Yes, today is Scott's birthday but I can't tell you how old he is because he is WAAAY past the age that you can still talk about it. We all love you Scott and I am very lucky to have such a great husband! It has been ten years since the first time that we celebrated Scott's birthday together. I remember being so nervous and self-conscious about the present I picked out, and while I was pretty twitter-patted back then, I love him even more now!

Gotta Love Him

I have been meaning to post some funny things about Atley for awhile but I keep forgetting. Anyway, here goes. The first picture you will see is us eating out with Scott's boss. He encouraged us to take the kids, but I think he probably thought better of it when Atley lit his top lip on fire while making S'mores at the restaurant.
Second, picture is Atley at a Ginger Bread House Decorating Party at the home of one of his classmates. Of course Atley is the only LDS child in his class so I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the party,the pizza was served and Atley recommended to the group that they should say a prayer before eating. In my pride, I said, "Oh, great idea honey! Will you say the prayer?" But, instead of exposing them to the good old Mormon prayer I was expecting he burst into an impromptu song that went something like this, "Oh, the Lord is good to me! He gives me food and the apple tree! Oh, the Lord is good to me! Thank you Lord." While the entire group was quite impressed, I was mortified and too embarrassed to tell everyone that we don't actually pray like that at home.
And while I have no pictures I have one more Atley story. Last week for family home evening we discussed the canned food drive our primary is involved in during the holiday season. The children have been encouraged to earn their own money and use it to purchase food for families in need. So, we spent last Monday working around the house and then for Family Home Evening Atley was given the money that he earned from his work and we went to the grocery store. On the way he could hardly contain his excitement. I was sure he thought we were going to buy him something really cool, but he knew exactly what we were doing and he carefully selected his favorite non-perishable food items-such as Macaroni and Cheese, Pears, Spaghettios, etc. We took them up to the register and paid and once again I was so proud of how excited he was to serve others. Well, I was humbled yet again when on the following morning I saw him sneaking into the kitchen and replacing the yummy food he bought with cans from our own pantry filled with things he disliked-such as green beans, corn, and rice. Gotta love him!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fort Butler

About a week before Thanksgiving our neighbor knocked on the front door. "Hey, I have something I want to give to your boys." Not having a clue what it was he wanted to give to my boys I just replied with an, "Okay!" Art, our neighbor says, "It is kinda big. I am going to need some help getting it over here." My reply, "Oh, let me get Scott." A few minutes later Scott and Art the neighbor come across the street with the playhouse of my little girl dreams. Art actually built it for the boys. Of course my boys don't call it a playhouse. It is usually a fort or a shed. However, recently they have gotten creative. Nash will drive his car to the window and Atley will pass him a pretend Happy Meal. I assume it might be a sign that we eat too much fast food when my children want to play McDonald's in their playhouse. Anyway, the boys love their fort and we feel very fortunate to have such a good neighbor. Thanks Art!