Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Progression

First, a visit to the Easter Bunny. 

Second, dye the eggs.

Eat the eggs.
Then when the children are nestled all snug in their beds with visions of colored eggs dancing in their heads, the bunny creeps in and leaves them treasures.
The children, thinking it is Christmas instead of Easter wake up at the crack of dawn and Harley discovers her favorite Easter candy.
Then with her peep and her sheep she is ready to go back to sleep.

Next, dress up in Easter finery and try to snap some pictures before church!
Happy Easter friends and family.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Bike Ride

I am so excited that Harley is finally old enough to get strapped onto my bike and take a ride with the family. 
This time of year is so beautiful here, when it isn't raining that is, and I love to be outside with the kids. Nash is close to riding alone but for now he is still riding behind daddy on the double bike.  Atley rides a little too fast and most rides have at least one wipe out, but he is tough and always hops right back on.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Snack that Smiles Back

Sometimes I get the impression that my children are a little unconventional.  I suppose that is my nice way of calling them strange. For example, Harley has a walker. She also has a push toy and a mommy who would love to teach her how to walk, however she prefers a container of goldfish.  Each day she cries and begs at the pantry door for our gigantic tub of goldfish crackers.  She then uses it to walk around the house.

Occasionally, she stops...
and has a snack.
She is also always willing to share.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Favorites

Of all the holiday's I think Easter has the best candy, even better than Halloween.  The family voted and here is everybody's Easter Favorites.
Nash prefers the JELLY BEAN!  In fact, I have caught him twice with these yummy delights tightly gripped in his hands, while he slept at night.  He must have a secret stash in his bedroom.

Atley prefers a good old fashioned milk-chocolate bunny!

Scott loves Cadbury Eggs, but strangely enough he waits to eat them until Easter Sunday!

I love me some Reese's Eggs.  Pure joy right there! 

Perhaps next year Harley will have more of an opinion, but for now she prefers whatever sugar seeps into her milk from mommy's Reese's addiction.
What Easter treat do you love?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Animals at the ZOO

Atley had a day off from school yesterday and it was so pretty outside that we headed to the National Zoo.  It was especially fun because lots of the animals had brand new babies. I have never seen Harley so excited.  She absolutely loves all animals.  She was a perfect angel throughout a very exhausting day.  She yelled, "AHHH! AHHH!" at every new animal we saw.  When we were watching the tiger a woman actually told me that she thought my baby was making the tiger nervous with her loud screams.  I just laughed.  Harley especially loved the baby meerkat.  I thought watching the baby and momma gorilla was a bit too much like life at our home.  Atley had to stop and read everything in sight, while Nash was often forced to take little breaks under the nearest shade tree. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Soccer-School Play-National Harbor

We had a busy weekend full of, well, everything mentioned in the title. Nash and Atley both had soccer games.  Atley's game was hailed/rained out after about 20 minutes but he played well, had lots of fun and of course mom was sans camera. Nash was a stud in cleats at his game, while Harley was a fantastic cheerleader for her big bros.

Atley had a starring role in the 1st grade play. He did a great job and got the biggest laugh of the whole program! We are not sure whether we are excited about our budding thespian, but we are really proud of his performance.

We went to National Harbor to celebrate Atley's hard work.  No trip to the harbor is complete without a visit to the PEEPS Candy Store. 

Here is Nash having a break down at the PEEPS store.
And here is Nash having another break down at dinner. Never fear, when he realized that Church was on TV this weekend, he was smiling again!  We all love General Conference and we managed to squeeze in all 5 sessions. Does anyone else fast forward through the MoTAB and prayers? We do, and I am pretty sure we are going to hell!