Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rocks & Bugs

The boy's interests change just like the weather, but lately their life has been all about Rocks & Bugs.  We feel pretty blessed to be able to live so close to museums where they can learn about almost all of their whims.  Today we went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  They wanted to see the Hope Diamond and the Bugs.  They even got to hold a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Giant Grasshoppers, Silk Worms, and Millipedes. 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clash of the Fountains

Okay, school has only been out for 8 days and I am thoroughly exhausted.  Not to mention my kids are eating me out of house and home.  Each day of summer so far has been filled with some activity or friend or party most of which have taken place in the strength-sucking-sun. Today we went fountain hopping. We didn't plan on fountain hopping it is just that the first fountain we went to sucked, a lot like the aforementioned strength-sucking-sun.  First stop was the Mosaic District fountain.  Look, maybe "suck" is a harsh word, no doubt my mother would not approve of my use of the term. It is a fantastic place to go if you are 2. You will eventual get sprayed if you have the patience to wait the extra long intervals between said spray.

After 15 minutes and approximately 10 sprays from the fountain we headed to Old Faithful, not Yellowstone but our original favorite fountain at Fairfax Corner.  Perhaps the question should be, do we really love this fountain or its proximity to Ben & Jerry's where Nash taught us that even when the ice cream is gone there is almost always some left that you can spoon off of your belly?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Reading

As tradition dictates we headed to the library to pick up our reading logs and a stack of the books we want to finish before summer's end. I don't have time to write much. As you can tell we have a lot of work to do!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beach Day

Beauty Regime

I love make-up. Actually, I love anything that gives the illusion that I am prettier than I really am. I also love to hear about what my friends use in their daily beauty routine.  What they love and what works for them. I decided to post a few of my CURRENT favorites.  Most of these are drug store finds which makes me really happy.
I have always loved Olay products and they have a new line called Fresh Effects.  The Shine, Shine Go Away Cleanser is the absolute best. It smells fantastic and is super foamy which is always fun. I use it night and day. I also use the Satin Finish Fresh Effects Moisturizer during the day.

Olay has their own version of these two items but the generic product is quite a bit cheaper and contains all of the same ingredients.  I use these both at night.  The Night Elixir makes me excited to wash my face,  which I have never consistently done in my life.  It contains hyaluronic acid which gives your face a mini chemical peel every night and the eye lifting serum keeps the sensitive skin around the eyes moisturizedht. If you don't have a CVS near you just compare the Olay ingredients with your drugstore's brand. I am sure they will be comparable.
Besides the price what I like best about Revlon ColorStay foundation is that a little bit goes a long way and it does STAY!  Even when it is humid and you are sweating like a pig.  Be careful not to apply to much or it can get a bit cakey.  Sometimes I mix it in with my moisturizer for a very light-weight look.
Loreal's Magic Lumi Highlighter is my go-to concealer and highlighter.  I apply it AFTER foundation under my eyes, above my eyebrows, down the middle of my nose and under my chin and above my upper lip. I love that it doesn't settle into my wrinkles like some concealers. 
I actually bought this on accident because it was the same color as my previous mascara but I love it. It doesn't smear when I am constantly rubbing my eyes all day.  Maybelline's Rocket Volume Mascara!
Tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder is what I use to set my make-up. It is a little bit of splurge but it works.  It is translucent which is very important when you select a face powder. I only apply it to places that get oily throughout the day.  Also when I apply lipstick I will put on one coat of lipstick then powder, followed by another coat.  This helps my lipstick last much longer.

Have you heard of E.L.F. cosmetics? They are super cheap-like a $1 to $3 per item. They sell them at Target and Walgreens or online.  My absolute favorite item is the Makeup Remover Pen.  It is only a dollar and it is life saver if you don't have the steady hands of a brain surgeon.  I also love the lip stain-Crimson Crush. It is a really good red, which can be pretty hard to find.
Covergirl Natureluxe Lipbalm is my favorite everyday lipstick.  My color of choice is Coral.
Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs is my favorite instant tanner.  My only complaint is that it isn't really water resistant.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greek Unorthodox

 I am feeling a little nervous this morning.  Atley told me he had to dress up like an ancient Greek for school today.  They have been studying ancient civilizations all year and today they are having a party.  However, when I dropped him off at school this morning he was the only one dressed up.  I am so stressed that he is going to be walking around the school in his toga all day like the biggest dweeb ever! Sometimes it is tough being the mom. Can you just imagine being branded the kid who wore a felt leaf crown to school? It could be social suicide.
Even Nash was a little concerned.  He was casually encouraging Atley to take off the costume before he got out of the car. Trust me when I say Nash knows cool just check him out...

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I love that my kids love water.  It is such a simple way to have family fun. Each day after school the kids swim and all weekend we live outside in the pool. Here are just a few of the dozens of water pictures I have taken so far this season.