Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clash of the Fountains

Okay, school has only been out for 8 days and I am thoroughly exhausted.  Not to mention my kids are eating me out of house and home.  Each day of summer so far has been filled with some activity or friend or party most of which have taken place in the strength-sucking-sun. Today we went fountain hopping. We didn't plan on fountain hopping it is just that the first fountain we went to sucked, a lot like the aforementioned strength-sucking-sun.  First stop was the Mosaic District fountain.  Look, maybe "suck" is a harsh word, no doubt my mother would not approve of my use of the term. It is a fantastic place to go if you are 2. You will eventual get sprayed if you have the patience to wait the extra long intervals between said spray.

After 15 minutes and approximately 10 sprays from the fountain we headed to Old Faithful, not Yellowstone but our original favorite fountain at Fairfax Corner.  Perhaps the question should be, do we really love this fountain or its proximity to Ben & Jerry's where Nash taught us that even when the ice cream is gone there is almost always some left that you can spoon off of your belly?

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