Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Nash: "I'm thirsty!"
Mom: "Okay!" I hand him a glass of water.
Nash: "I want something different than water."
Mom: "What do you want Nash?"
Nash: "I want coffee or maybe some pumpkin beer."

Nash: "What are these called?" Pointing at his nipples.
Atley: "Those are your nipples."
Nash: "What are they there for?"
Atley: "They are just decorations, but if you were a girl they would have a purpose."
Mom: Thinking, "Wow, I really hope the purpose Atley is talking about is feeding

Nash: "My arm hurts."
Mom: "What happened?"
Nash: "My nursery teacher kicked me in the face."

Nash: "Mom, I don't feel good."
Mom: "What's wrong buddy?"
Nash: "I am really nervous."
Mom: "Why are you so nervous?"
Nash: "Granny comes on the morrow and that makes me nervous."

Conclusion: Perhaps a "Word of Wisdom" and a "My Body is a Temple" Family Home Evening is in order along with some counseling for Nash to settle his nerves.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Frolics

We have had a very busy weekend of fall fun! In fact it was so much fun we are beginning the new week completely and utterly exhausted, but I suppose it was worth the sacrifice. Here is a recap!

On Thursday I attempted to do a little yard work but when each pile of leaves I raked turned into a playground for Nash, I gave up!

Atley got his stitches out Friday morning. Then he headed off to school. Nash had an afternoon with daddy while I went to our Lunch Bunch group to try a Filipino restaurant nearby. I have one suggestion. Don't try new and exotic food when you are 13 weeks pregnant. Bad experience. After school we headed to PUMPKINVILLE. Our first stop was the petting zoo where Atley tried to tackle a sheep and kiss a camel. At least Nash is kind to animals.

On to the slides, and jumping castles, topped off with a hay ride, and pumpkin picking!

Saturday we headed downtown to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The Smithsonian was hosting a special event with PBS Kids. PBS has a new show called DINOSAUR TRAIN. My boys love this show. What boy wouldn't? Trains and dinosaurs, how can you go wrong with that? Anyway, there were activities and then a special screening of a never seen before episode of DINOSAUR TRAIN. Dr. Scott, a real life paleontologist on the show was present and the boys were super excited to meet him and get their picture taken with the famouos doctor. After the viewing Dr. Scott came on stage and said that he would take a few questions. Mind you, this is an auditorium of nearly 1000 people. Atley bolts from his seat to find a microphone. I chase after him, scared to death of what he might say. I reach him before he reaches the microphone and ask him what he is doing. He says, "Mom I have a question for Dr. Scott." I say, "Well, what is it?" He looks at me with an evil grin and says, "It's a surprise." I was terrified. But it was too late, they stick the microphone in his face. Atley clearly states, as I hold my breath, "My name is Atley. Dr. Scott how did you prove that a Troodon Dinosaur had the biggest brain of all the other dinosaurs?" I was dumbfounded. I didn't even know what a Troodon Dinosaur was, but Atley and Dr. Scott did and that was all that was important. Atley got his question answered. When I returned to my seat Nash had this sad look on his face. "Mom, I have a question for Dr. Scott." I say, "What is your question Nash?" Nash's response, "Why don't dinosaurs wear clothes?" I thought it was a great questions. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures.

We rushed home to host a BYU football party. A party we vow never to host again. We have hosted a party for the last three BYU losses-Utah last year, FSU, and TCU. What an embarrassment! At least the food and drink were good!

Sunday was the primary program in our ward. After church our neighborhood hosted a Halloween parade complete with an escort by the local Fire Department. The turtle and the frog had a great time!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Atley Accident

Atley was running around the house with just his socks on last night when he slid on the tile into the bottom step of the stair case. He bit his tongue and sliced his chin open. Scott took him to the hospital and they fixed him up with seven stitches. Nash was quite worried about the whole incident making statements like, "My brother's broken. I have to get a new one." and "Is Atley gonna live at the hospital now?" Nash was pretty relieved when Atley returned home to show off his new scar. Scott said that Atley never shed a tear during the whole ordeal and that the doctor's were amazed at his toughness!

Notice the crooked smile! He was still a little numb from the medication.

Exposing the gore for his brother's viewing pleasure. Click to enlarge and maximize your viewing pleasure as well.

Safely tucked in bed and relieved that they both survived another day, Nash snuggles his big brother.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Riddle

What am I? The following makes me want to vomit...

Not Eating
Laundry Detergent
And anything else that smells or doesn't
I am also moody, tired, and getting fatter!

If you need any more help solving this very difficult riddle just look at the creepy floating fetus to your right for a clue.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement

If I can do it you can and should as well! That is my message today. I took the boys on an hour long car ride to wait in line for almost 4 hours, most of which was spent outside in the freezing cold to get vaccinated for the SWINE FLU. It was a long and frustration filled morning, but well worth it to be able to protect them from this virus. Unfortunately, the fun is not over. Children under 10 years of age have to return for a second dose in 4 weeks! So, we will be back but I can assure everyone we will be better prepared for the crowds and the tears. Here are the boys showing off their battle wounds!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Na-Na-Na-Na-So you think you can DANCE, dance!!!

Every Wednesday in the Fall and Spring they have Jammin' Juniors Concerts in our local park. Here are some pictures of Nash jammin' to the music. He even started a Conga line! I can see him being the next Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars and it frightens me!

Monday, October 12, 2009


With the exception of springtime, fall is the only other season that gives me an almost euphoric feeling. I love how the weather cools down. I love the feel and sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet and the sight of those leaves gracefully falling from the trees in all their vibrant colors. I enjoy watching Scott work to keep up with the thousands of gracefully falling leaves in our yard. I love getting out the sweater box and dressing the boys in cushy, soft, sweat suits. I get excited to put away my shorts for the season-who but a 12 year old girl really looks good in shorts anyway. I love seeing apples, pumpkins, squash, and mums everywhere. I love fall parties and apple cider. I love making my kids wear ridiculous costumes and then sending them to the the homes of complete strangers to beg for unhealthy food. The sound of a football game blaring on my TV gives me a most happy feeling. This morning I went outside and smelled the first wood burning fire of the season. What a cozy thought! I love the anticipation of the impending Holiday season! The stores are already filling up with Christmas items and the excitement of seeing friends and family in the next few months is mounting. I am thankful for the change in season that gives us a new perspective on the miraculous beauty of the earth! Here are some recently captured fall pictures.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Close Enough!

One needn't worry that I have given up on my dreams of being a Rock Star just because I haven't blogged about it lately. In fact, today I think I came as close to the realization of my dream as I might ever get. Nash's favorite mommy/son activity is listening to music really loudly, while I sing even louder, and he dances most incredibly. We participate in these antics on a daily basis with few results. But, today I had a break through moment with one of my toughest critics. As always he was dancing and I was singing when he suddenly stopped his highly sophisticated dance moves and said, "Hot Momma! You Rock STAR!!!" I almost cried! Does he see something in me that others have been missing all these years? The most amazing part of this story is that I was singing Pancho and Lefty. As I see it, if Nash can recognize Rock Stardom in my rendition of a Willie Nelson song the sky is the limit. I can practically see myself on stage next summer as the opening act of the ACDC revival tour.

Well, okay maybe not but Nash thinking I'm a ROCK STAR, that's close enough for me.