Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October & Halloween

There are many necessary steps that must be completed before we actually get to go Trick-or-Treating Halloween night.

For us that means creating Pumpkinhead for the porch, eating donuts, drinking cider and watching, Spookley the Square Pumpkin while going through the decorations of Halloween's past.

Including school parties, a trip to the pumpkin patch and a least one Trunk-or-Treat!


(But only after a minimum of 5 costume changes throughout the month)

Yeah, we thought it was weird that Atley got two cans of Root Beer while Trick-or-Treating too.

Monday, November 2, 2015

First Sign of Fall: Apple Picking

When the farmers say that the apples are ripe enough to be picked, we know that my favorite season of all is upon us, Autumn. This year the kids and I trekked much farther into the Blue Ridge Mountains than usual, to pick our apples. It was a beautiful drive and a lovely day and the apples were huge and delicious.

 When we were finished picking, we made our favorite apple crisp, completely destroying the kitchen in the process but it was certainly worth it.

Now That It's November...

here is my final post about summer.  We didn't manage a BIG beach trip this year but I was able to take the kids to Colonial Beach (where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake) one day.  It was great because we were the only one's there, but when we discovered the reason why, an infestation of jelly fish, the kids thought it was even more FANTASTIC.  Did they get stung? Of course!  Did it stop them from catching more jelly fish?  Of course not!  Atley even captured a giant fish in his jelly fish trapping endeavors.
 Oh, summer I miss you already.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New House

So, while I was vacationing in Colorado with the kids, the hubster did something a little unexpected. He bought a house.  A house I had never before seen and didn't see until four days before we moved into it. After we got home from vacation we had 8 days to pack up everything and move. That week is truly a blur of exhaustion.
 We had been talking about moving further out from the city for awhile, but at the same time I knew it would have to be his decision since he is the commuter.  We wanted some land for the kids to raise animals and ride their motorcycle and just enjoy being kids.  Fortunately, he did a great job and we love our new home even more than we miss our old one. 
It is a beautiful colonial farmhouse that is full of Virginia charm. Sometimes I even think I see the ghost of Stonewall Jackson in the woods behind our house. The kids are adjusting really well to their new schools and Scott only complains ocassionally about his drive.

Summer Part 4-Butler Reunion

We had so much fun in Southern Utah at the Butler Family Reunion.  While we were there we discovered the Utah sensation SWIG! The kids are still talking about their yummy drinks and our taste-buds may never be the same.
 Utah is so beautiful. We had so much fun exploring the mountains, riding razors and of course having fun with the cousins, which included a face painting competition.

Harley finally captured and tamed the deer she had been tracking the whole trip. 
The scenery and the company was wonderful.  
One day we went to Panguitch where a park is dedicated to the memory of Scott's grandfather who participated in what is known as the Quilt Walk Miracle. It was great for the kids to learn about their heritage. 
But, maybe the best part was just relaxing and enjoying one another's company.