Monday, July 21, 2014

Rockin' the Ghost House

When I was a little girl my cousins and I spent hours playing with a little tin doll house at my Grandma's home.  We used to make ghosts out of old rags to fill up the little cottage, so it became known as the ghost house.  I was so excited when we arrived in Colorado to discover that my grandmother had given my mother the ghost house for my kids to play with all summer. She had even saved the ghosts that I had created as a child. Of course my kiddos made the doll house their very own, they squashed the ghost house idea and turned it into the rock house.  They collected hundreds of stones and spent many hours painting and decorating their treasured rocks to play with in the ghost house.  We had angry birds, star wars characters, snakes, lady bugs and bumblebee rocks all partying in the ghost house.

I Love the Mountains, I Love the Daffodils

We have spent much of our time in the mountains on the family ranch with cousins and creatures this vacation.  The kids played in the river, rode motorcycles, rode their bikes, fished, mooned the trained, chased the cows, got lost, shot their BB guns, got gruesomely grubby and did plenty of exploring.  They especially enjoyed going on night rides on the four-wheelers, scaring themselves with tales of grizzly bears and crazy mountain men and checking out the cow and her suckling calf that got zapped by lightening one day. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fun in the Canal

As a kid I spent a lot of summer days playing, floating and catching crawdads in the Sanford Canal.  A trip to an actual swimming pool was a once a year event at best, so the canal was essentially the extent of my swimming exposure.  No wonder I am a terrible swimmer. The kids made some small boats out of pool noodles and we walked down to the canal to sail them and play in the water.  They were a little nervous at first of things like sharks and alligators but soon realized the only thing they had to fear were a few water snakes which is nothing to fear at all but rather something to capture and enjoy. Taking the kids to the canal brought back lots of wonderful memories for me and I am grateful that I am able to show them some of the things that I loved to do when I was their age.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Taos Pueblo

We have been in Colorado for about two weeks and as usual it has been full of adventures.  We spent the first week trading the stomach flu with one another which was pretty horrific.  I removed a giant tick from Atley's head, Harley pulled the dresser over on herself, Nash nearly impaled himself while falling out of a tree, Atley had a severe allergic reaction to cherries which literally had me running through the streets looking for Benadryl while the store clerks kept bringing me Bengay,  Harley was lost at a family party but was finally found in a pen of goats pretending to be the farm version of Diane Fossey, and of course we have experienced a few motorcycle wrecks but perhaps most terrifying of all has been slow or no Internet service.  I hope we can survive another 2 weeks. Fortunately, it hasn't all been drama, we spent one day at the Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico learning about the Pueblo Indians.  About 50 people still live traditionally in the pueblo with no running water or electricity. Many of their customs are sacred and therefore not discussed openly but we learned a lot and the kids were even able to sample some Indian Fry Bread. I will spare you the historical lecture but encourage you to visit if you ever have the chance.  It is magnificently beautiful. (Is magnificently a word?)