Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

It is over and now I am ready for summer. No need to stay cold and gray.  Christmas is over let's just move on. No need for the kids to go back to school in a few days. Oh, how I wish.  Instead we have at least 3 probably 4 months of yucky weather and homework tears. Okay, sorry I am being  a Debbie Downer.  Christmas was very quiet this year. Our Christmas Dinner with friends had to be canceled because we were all so sick. We did manage to meet to swap food so that we each at least had a complete meal.  We stayed in our pajamas all day and worked on LEGO sets and a 3D puzzle Atley received, skyped with my family, watched It's a Wonderful Life and tried to rest.  Thank goodness Harley, who almost always manages to be the only healthy one at our house, won't remember how lame we were. The kids-wait let me rephrase that- Atley woke up at 5:45 and then woke up everyone else.  Santa brought the boys Legos and books. Harley got a balance bike and a bouncy puppy from Santa. Other gifts included a hot wheels track, Baby Alive who ate and pooped all afternoon, dress up shoes, video games, playdough, a Doodle Bear and of course every kids favorite clothes.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We spent most of Christmas Eve driving home from New York City and feeling deathly ill. Unfortunately, for Scott and I this will be the Christmas we remember as being the sickest we have ever felt.  The kids were sick too but seemed to handle it better than us.  We are all still feeling pretty horrible three days later and since the doctor says it is JUST the flu, we have no choice but to tough it out.  
Christmas Eve the kids got to open one present-their pajamas, a game, and a Christmas book.  We mustered enough energy to read the book, play one round of the game and snap a few pictures before collapsing into our beds heavily medicated.

NYC @ Christmastime

What we did...
Ice Skating at Central Park

Walking and admiring the amazing lights and store windows.

Sony Wonder Tech Lab. So, much fun and it is FREE!! Above Atley is performing open heart surgery.  

Freezing at Times Square.  Check out one of the biggest ads.  That's right. The Mormons!!

Saw a show on Broadway.  We saw Nice Work if You Can Get It!
It was hilarious. At one point I was laughing so hard I hit my head on the seat in front of me. Apparently, the lady sitting in that seat gave me a killer look. But, I was a little too dazed to notice. 

Santaland at Macy's. Worth the long lines.
Riding the Subway to Grand Central Station.

Train Exhibit and market at Grand Central.
Where We Ate...
Most of the time we ate at our apartment, with a view like this why go out. So when we did go out we chose very carefully.  

First, stop. Dylan's Candy Bar Cafe.  

Carnegie Deli.  As you can see Nash was not as excited about Corned Beef, Pastrami and pickles as Harley.

Nash was a lot happier at Giovanna's in Little Italy. (Just off of Canal on Mulberry Street) The best Italian I have ever had!!!
Where we shopped...

FAO Schwarz of course!

and Chinatown, where Harley got her very own  Louis Vuitton. She was so happy we found her sleeping with it that night.  This is a girl after my own heart!