Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Today we didn't have time to do anything very spectacular besides school, shopping, homework, dinner, some prepping for Nash's birthday party, a baby shower, and a Christmas story or two.  But, I did manage to walk around my house and look at all of our Christmas decorations.  I come from a long line of women who love Christmas, my mom and my Grandma Edgar in particular. When I got married my mom gave me lots of her old decorations which remind me of my childhood and how wonderful each Christmas season was for me.  My house at Christmas does not look like Pottery Barn, but it looks like the Christmas' I remember full of handmade ornaments, mismatched stockings, lots of color and especially memories.  I snapped some pictures of my favorite Christmasy things today and while I love all of my decorations (all eleven boxes worth) these are the best of the best because of the people and memories associated with them.
We have two Christmas trees. This one is the first artificial tree my parents bought. I remember being so upset about it and constantly spraying the tree scented spray that came in the box. It was our fancy tree growing up and now it is mine. It isn't so fancy anymore. In fact, a lot of ornaments have been broken and it stands only because Scott manage to rig it into a tire jack. Despite all of that, it still reminds me of the view from Main Street into our front room during the Christmas season.
My Grandma Edgar made this ceramic tree and gave it to my parents for Christmas in 1981.  I was just three and don't remember a Christmas without it.  One of my favorite things each year was putting the little plastic bulbs in the holes.  Now my kids love doing the same thing.
This was the first Christmas item I bought as a married woman. I got it at a craft fair in Provo. Scott and I had only been married for about six months. It reminded me of a similar felt advent my grandma always hung in her house.
My mom painted this years ago and at some point I inherited it. It reminds me of a time when we were living in Bolivia and took a painting class together. She was a natural and I totally sucked.  I think she let me quit when she realized how hopeless I was.
Our mismatched stockings!
The kids build a snowman village every year and play with the snowmen almost everyday.  It is by no means cute, but it is one of their favorite things.
My Christmas book basket is overflowing and I am so excited to read the books each year, sometimes a dozen times each.  Their favorite is Frosty the Snowman and The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree.
These two items are just a couple of gifts I have received from my friend Shae over the years.  We don't see eachother very much and we have too many kids between us to really exchange gifts anymore, but I treasure our friendship and the memories that we have made throughout the years.
I have lots of lovely ornaments on my tree. I have lots made by the precious little fingers of my children, but this one is my favorite.  Atley gave it to me right after Nash was born. Perhaps it was the emotional state of just giving birth, but it made me so happy when I received it and each year when I hang it on the tree it makes me cry.  
The top of our piano is filled with creches some homemade some not.  Harley asks me to show her all of the baby Jesus' on a daily basis.
My little cousin Clay painted this pine cone tree for me when he was in preschool. He is seventeen now!
Okay, so I don't actually have BING in my house but Christmas is not complete without his music. My cousin April used to play this CD non-stop from Thanksgiving until Christmas when we were roommates at BYU. I can't hear Bing without thinking of her and how much I love her.

In other news, the Elf asked us to plant seeds today. Funny, but the seeds look an awful lot like Tic Tacs. I wonder what they will grow into.

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