Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Decade

A few weeks ago Atley asked me why I kept a picture of those two strange people, Scott and I on our wedding day, on our dresser. When I told him that it was daddy and me, he just laughed. Okay, so maybe we have aged a little in ten years, but there are reasons for that, just read the following and you will catch a glimpse of what we have enjoyed throughout our first decade of marriage.

2 College Diplomas
14 Different Jobs
10 Homes scattered throughout 4 states
3 Dogs and 2 Fish
2 Boys
5 Surgeries
6 Family Reunions
10 years of sharing my birthday with my anniversary
3 trips out of the country
1 moment of insanity when I unsuccessfully tried to throw a TV at my husband
13 trips to the emergency room (none related to the TV incidence)
120 months of an almost perfect life with my best friend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A real Illness!

I don't make fun of people who dress inappropriately for their body shape and/or size. The type of person that makes you want to scratch your head and say, "Didn't they look in the mirror before they left home today?" Why don't I mock these poor souls you may ask? Well, first because of my Christ-like love for my fellow man but also because I know that these individuals are suffering from a real illness because I suffer from the same disease. It is called Reverse Anorexia Distortion Disorder or RADD (you don't need to remember this name because I totally made it up).

People suffering from anorexia look into the mirror and their image of themselves is distorted. Regardless of how thin they become they still see a person who is overweight. In the illness that I and so many other American's suffer from the opposite happens. I look into the mirror in the morning and I actually believe that I look okay, presentable even and then throughout the course of the day's activities I may catch my reflection in a store window or heaven forbid someone snap a picture of me that I view later and I realize that my perception of myself is in fact completely distorted. What I thought was a well-kept carefully dressed individual is in fact a complete fashion disaster. Doctor's have tried to discover the root cause of this illness but it still remains a mystery. Theories include exhaustion, having children, aversion to diet and exercise, bargain sales (even if it is ugly and it doesn't fit you buy it because it is cheap), and a myriad of other possibilities. The truth is I don't really care what the cause is, I just need a cure.

If you feel that you may suffer from this disease please know that you are not alone. If you are fortunate enough to be able to look at yourself in the mirror in an objective way, actually seeing the reality of whomever it is that is looking back at you, consider yourself blessed and don't make fun of those less fortunate than yourself.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What happened to Spring?

We literally went from winter weather to summer temperatures in the upper nineties with 85% humidity over night. I am not sure why we are no longer commemorating the spring season in the D.C. area but I'm going to blame it on the Obama Administration. Whatever the reason, we got our garden planted and Atley enjoyed running through the sprinkler while Nash watched sometimes showing a very cute plumber's crack! The sprinkler was "too scary, ice water" for Nash! During our gardening adventure Nash enjoyed planting the seeds and getting dirty while Atley preferred making labels so that we would know what was growing where. He has a perfect brightness of hope that it will be the best garden ever, and I am completely faithless that anything will grow. I hope Atley is right!

Monday, April 20, 2009


So, this is us on the plane ride home, only a little disappointed that our vacation was over! We were actually really excited to see the boys, leaving them was much harder than I anticipated. Obviously, we had a great time. My goodness we were in Hawaii how could you be miserable. My only complaint is that we never did adjust to the six hour time difference. We were asleep by 8PM and usually up before 5AM each morning. We loved the Polynesian Cultural Center. What an inspired program! The majority of the pictures in the slide show were taken during our day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We thought it was incredible, plus that side of Oahu is still relatively untouched by the hustle and bustle of the tourists on Waikiki, with the exception of the gigantic tour buses taking people to the Center. It was fun to see some native Hawaiians in their element. And at the PCC we were able to sit on the exact rock that Elvis sat on while filming, "Paradise: Hawaiian Style" I may never wash my butt again! Oops! maybe I shouldn't advertise that! We snorkeled on Hanaumu Bay and I don't have words to describe how beautiful it was there, nor do my photography skills do this gorgeous creation justice. We of course spent a lot of time doing nothing but laying on the beach which is what vacation is all about for me. We took an amazing Sunset Cruise around the Island--the epitome of romance, right? On our cruise we saw dozens of bottle-nose dolphins jumping along with our boat. No trip would be complete without a visit to Pearl Harbor. What a strange feeling to stand on the bridge over the USS Arizona and know that there are still over 900 young sailors entombed in that ship, which is visible only a few feet under the water. Needless to say we had an amazing trip. Thanks mom for making it possible for us. We both feel refreshed and ready to take on the world or at least Atley and Nash.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail!


Blue Hawaii

When I was about 8 years old I watched Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii at my Grandma Edgar's house. It is still my favorite movie of all time. Yeah, I am into cheesy and corny which is why my favorite television shows are Leave it to Beaver and I Love Lucy. When I was 25 we went to Memphis and visited Graceland, adding to my fascination with all things Elvis. It was at Graceland that I decided that for our 10th Anniversary Scott and I were going to renew our vows in the Elvis Chapel of Love in Las Vegas. I had this vision of Scott waiting for me at the end of the aisle wearing a white sequined jump suit and an Elvis toupee. Could you get any more sexy and romantic? Perhaps my fantasies are a bit odd to some, but what could be more exciting than pretending to be Elvis and Priscilla in Las Vegas and then I thought of it. What if we were actually in Hawaii where Chad and Maile (characters in Blue Hawaii) tied the knot. After all, the Elvis Priscilla thing didn't end well and as far as I know Chad and Maile are still together in the eternities. So, when Scott and I decided to forgo the Las Vegas Chapel of Love idea and head for Hawaii instead, I didn't feel like I was betraying Elvis or my dreams. After all the young Elvis who wears the little polyester short-shorts on the beach in Hawaii would be way cuter on Scott than the old Elvis who wears the Polyester Jump Suit.

I only wish I could find a swimming outfit like Maile's with the cute little matching swim cap and that modest mid thigh one-piece.
So, I bid you all farewell as I embark on my Hawaiian Anniversary Vacation and I encourage all of you to watch Blue Hawaii so that we can discuss its ever so intricate plot when I return. I also beseech you to pray for my children, rather their Granny, while we are away. Pray that she will not be taken completely over the edge by their boyish antics.