Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amish Country

The kids had a long weekend away from school, FINALLY!  So, we went to Amish country with some friends.  It was so lovely and I am totally converted. Can you convert to the Old Order?  Life is simple and everyone SEEMS extremely happy. Don't get me wrong they work very hard, which is what prompted Harley to say, "I want to be Amish, but a lazy Amish."  I couldn't agree more.  

Our first stop was at the Amish Village Museum and Farm.  It was a great overview of Amish life and Amish beliefs. They take the biblical scripture regarding not being of the world literally among other things that I will let you research on your own.
  Pictured above the kids enjoy the animals and a typical one-room Amish school house.  Notice how my teacher obviously believes in corporal punishment.
We loved driving around the farms and even got caught in a Horse-and-Buggy traffic jam.  More than 40 buggies passed in front of us heading to a funeral. We stopped at farms along the road and bought homemade Root Beer and hand-made wooden toys.  Everyone was so hospitable and patient with our "worldliness". We enjoyed an enormous Amish feast and took a buggy ride with a gentleman that was totally infatuated with Nash. He told me what a hearty, solid boy he was and even took a picture with us which is rare since they do not believe in "graven images." 

We stayed in a REAL train caboose, which was barely one step above camping but the kids were in train heaven. 
True to their natures, and perhaps their mother's, the children were up at first light.  This was my absolute favorite part of our trip. We slipped on our shoes and jackets and just started walking and watching the sunrise. It was heavenly.  We wandered through farms and watched buggy after buggy trot by on their way to Amish weddings. Tuesdays in November and December are reserved for Amish weddings. It was pure bliss.
We finished our trip with a ride on the Strasburg Railroad and a visit to the amazing Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.  
If you ever need a break from the hustle and bustle of life in the city or the suburbs visit Lancaster County.  It always inspires me to live more simply and enjoy the beauty of the earth and my children.  Now I must run. I have developed a sudden urge to purge our home of most of its' possessions, sew a dress and bake some bread. By the way, does anyone know where we can get some QUIET chickens for our backyard?

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