Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt and the Ghostly Mistletoe

The day after Christmas Granny, Atley, and I went to the Kennedy Center to watch a performance of "Teddy Roosevelt and the Ghostly Mistletoe." It is a true story written by Teddy's daughter Ethel set in 1905 at the White House. This year Ethel's dad decided to set a good example to the country by not having a Christmas tree. Apparently, he was afraid that if everyone cut down a tree every Christmas we would run out of trees rather quickly. But, Ethel's older brother Kermit sneaks one into the White House. At first they try to hide the tree from their father than the little brother Archie suggests that they should haunt him like in a Christmas Carol to convince him to allow a tree. Of course the President knew that his children were responsible for the ghosts all around the White House but he plays their game and they get to keep their tree. Atley had a great time only partially marred by the fact that we thought our van had been stolen after the performance. We even got the police involved until we realized that we had just lost it in the maze of underground parking under the Kennedy Center. Just a little embarrassing!

Christmas 2009

SPOILED! What more can I say! Atley's favorite part of Christmas, "Opening all those presents!" Nash's favorite part of Christmas, "Eating all those chocolate candies!"
Because we still had over a foot of snow on the ground Christmas Day, Granny's Christmas present to the boys wasn't fully enjoyed until the 27th, unfortunately Granny was also gone by then so she did not get to see the fruits of her labors. The 27th is when we could actually set up the trampoline and it was warm enough for them to enjoy it and of course enjoy it they did!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve decorating cookies and building both edible and non-edible Gingerbread men. The boys than opened their "ONE" present which of course was pajamas and was very very disappointing for them both. But, they put them on anyway and put on a program for the family, which was quite entertaining. Atley preformed a "rockin" version of Santa Claus is Comin' to Town and Nash sang Jingle Bells. Nash did a great job but Atley who was the MC or should I say stand-up-comic-wanna-be got up after Nash's song and said to the crowd, which consisted of me, Scott, and Granny, "Let me hear it guys! Did that guy suck or what?" Santa shouldn't have visited him at that point, but of course he did anyway. Luckily, Nash didn't hear and survived to sing another day.


Granny came for Christmas and after we picked her up at the airport we headed to the Gaylord Resort on the Potomac. They presented this huge ICE display, complete with hundreds of scultures and four slides made of ice. The temperature inside was on 9 degrees so Nash was pretty unhappy at first, but he finally began to enjoy himselves. And, yes the fashionable blue parkas were provided!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Christmas Books

Ever notice how so many so-called heartwarming holiday books make you want to jump off of a cliff? It's like they are written to make you feel guilty about being happy at Christmas time. I love to read books set around the Christmas Season. But who wants to be depressed reading about an underprivileged boy whose mother is dying of Cancer and all he wants to do is buy her some new shoes for her to meet Jesus. Yeah, that's right life is sad enough, why read fictional stories that make it sound even more horrible. No, "CHRISTMAS SHOES" for me. But, here are some of my favorite Christmas books. A couple I read for the first time this year and a couple are Christmas Classics in my opinion. I promise they won't make you feel depressed or guilty, just happy and thankful for this joyous season and the wonder of childhood.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Singing Slips and Holiday Magic

We love Christmas music at our house and both of the boys love to sing. But, sometimes they don't get all of the words right. We had a lot of time to listen to them sing over our snowy weekend and this is what we heard.

Atley's Version of Deck the Halls:
Deck the Halls with Balls of Holly
Fa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa
Tis' the season to be naughty
Fa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa
Call we now all hidden Pharaohs

Nash's Version of Frosty the Snowman:
(please note the reading program at Atley's school is entitled Jolly Phonics)
Frosty the Snowman was a
Jolly Phonics Boy

Atley's Version of Silent night:
Silent Night, Holy Night....
Sleep in Heavenly Fears
Sleep in Heavenly Fears.

Trust me, they are not even trying to be funny they actually think that is what these songs say!

Before we were stranded in our house for four days due to the blizzard of the century we, along with Uncle Jeff who was visiting from Georgia, took the boys to the U.S. Botanic Gardens where they have a special Christmas display called Holiday Magic. It is essentially a fairyland with many types of trains and carved wooden houses and figures. It was beautiful and worth the wait. Sorry that some of the pictures are not the best. We forgot the camera and used Scott's phone.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And it's still snowing...

Here are some pics of what weathermen are calling the storm of the decade along the Mid-Atlantic!

So far we have more than two feet and we are supposed to get at least an additional ten inches tonight. Church has already been cancelled and Atley is hoping that it will stay cold enough for school to be cancelled on Monday as well. We have had a great time playing outside and we are thankful for our Eagle Scout who has managed to keep the fire stoked and warm most of the day. We made literal "snow" cones with Kool-Aid and sugar this afternoon, which the boys thought was the most awesome thing ever. We are thankful to still have power and to be among the lucky few who bought our food before the store shelves were completely empty.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nash's Third Birthday!

Dear Nash,

It is hard to believe that you are three years old but at the same time it seems I can hardly remember my life without you in it. You have brought us so much joy and happiness over the last three years. You are such a special part of our family. You have a very unique personality that draws others, children and adults alike, toward you. We love that you love to snuggle us and that you are a junkie for chocolate milk and dessert! We love to hear the funny things you say, like on Saturday when you were mad at Atley and you said, "You need to buy some shampoo Atley, because you stink!" We love your spunky personality and the way you don't take any guff from anyone even if they are bigger than you. I love watching your chubby little hands play with toys and eat your food. Your sweet little fingers are such miracles to me! I love your gruff little voice and the way you love to sing off key. I love how you call us your little fluffy ones. And the way that you think it is perfectly okay to wear a diaper as long as they are big diapers and not baby-sized diapers. I love that you are confident enough to admit that your favorite color is pink. I love your fearlessness and courage and the way that you love your big brother. We love you Nash and we are having so much fun watching you grow and learn! Happy birthday my baby boy!

Love, Mommy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Per Atley's Request

Anyone who missed the new Disney Christmas special Prep & Landing need go no farther than our house to watch it. It has quickly become Atley's favorite show of all time. And he spends most of his waking moments trying to do his best to look like Wayne one of Santa's most trusted and naughty Elves. He begged me to put pictures of him and Wayne on my blog so I hope you all enjoy!

Atley aka Wayne the Elf!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa's Past & Present

Like most children, as a kid I loved Christmas. I would get so incredibly excited that I would inevitably make myself physically sick. Then when I was about thirteen Christmas started to lose some of its magic and I thought it would never be as fun again. That of course, was before I had Atley and Nash. Being a parent of little children at Christmas is even more magical than the Christmas' I remember as a kid. Here is a little trip down memory lane with my boys and Santa Claus!

Christmas 2004-Atley's First Christmas!

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2006. Nash was only 10 days old this Christmas. So he did not get to take a picture with Jolly Old St. Nick! Notice the shorts on Atley. Obviously we were not in D.C. but in Tucson!

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009!