Saturday, December 5, 2009


Happy Holidays and thanks to all of you who have inquired about why there has been no news from the Butler Family. All is well, just busier than usual! Let me just jump to the big news, the news you are most anxious to hear, the news I am most nervous to tell because I am still not totally convinced, but here goes. After two ultra sounds the doctor's are saying that we are having a GIRL!!!

Here are some pics and more news from the past month!

About two months ago a woman in our ward was giving away her piano. We jumped on the chance to get a free piano, perhaps not realizing just how much work it would require to get it operational and beautiful again. Scott worked tirelessly until he finally had it completely fixed, refinished, and tuned. I love it. It totally reminds me of that piano Doc Holiday plays in Tombstone in that Arizona Saloon! It is over a hundred years old and adds a lot of character to our home.

We traveled to Georgia for Thanksgiving! We had a great time despite the fact we were only there for 36 hours and in the car for about 28 hours! The only picture I managed to capture was that of Nash sucking Cheez Whiz off of his toes on the drive. Anything to keep him happy. It was great seeing the family and shopping on black Friday, and eating until I made myself sick but the highlight of the trip was definitely watching the Cougars beat Utah! SWEET REDEMPTION!!!!

We have also managed to create a lot of bonding moments with Scott's coworkers. We went bowling before Thanksgiving. And despite the fact that my family and I were in the minority of those not drinking I, the pregnant woman, managed to completely wipe out landing on my big fat butt in front of the entire crowd. Lucky Me!!! What can I say I like to keep things lively. The company Christmas party consisted of a corporate box at the Washington Capitals Hockey game. All of our babysitting prospects fell through but Scott's dad was gracious enough to fly up from Atlanta to watch the boys for the night. I would love to be able to say that we just don't know very many people here and that is why we couldn't find a sitter. But, the fact is because we know so many people here and they know our children, is why we couldn't find a sitter.

I desperately tried to take some really adorable pictures of the boys in front of the Christmas tree, but this is what I got. I think they are adorable but as far as sending them out on our Christmas Cards, I am afraid it might frighten people.

Today was our first snow day of the season. What a great day! The boys could live outside on days like today and I could happily let them. But, then I wouldn't get to hang all the wet clothes and boots around the fireplace, make hot cocoa, and snuggle with my sweaty little children. What a Norman Rockwell moment!


G&G said...

boy lots of news, loved it, you look like you enjoyed the snow. Love ya

The Hasletts said...

AWESOME. I so knew it was a girl. That's great-glad you're ok as well. I was starting to get worried...The boys are so cute. We sure do miss them. Thanks for the update!! Luv ya!!

Kristin said...

Yippee! Exciting that you are having a girl. Hope to see you soon.

Roscoe and Daisy said...

Congrats a girl I am way jealous!!!! Cool piano! I would like a piano in my house someday. Its been snowing a lot here and the boys are loving it. That's awesome they are enjoying it and I can't believe your father-in-law flew out to watch you boys for a work party. That is so nice and amazing!

The King Family said...

We're so happy for you! Hope to see you guys soon.