Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nash's LEGO Birthday

Nash turned 6 years old on Saturday!  We had a LEGO themed birthday party at our house and it was lots of fun, even for me believe it or not.
  I made the party bags into giant LEGOS and I covered the juice boxes with paper to make them look like LEGOS too. I also used a sharpie and construction paper to make all of the plates look like LEGO men.

 When the boys arrived they each had to guess how many LEGOs were in the jar. Then they colored some Ninjago pictures with crayons that I made using melted crayons and some LEGO ice cube molds.

 The first game we played was a race to see who could suck up the most LEGOs and put them on a seperate plate in one minute.
 We are lucky to have a LEGO store near us.  At this store you can find almost any LEGO that you can imagine.  You are able to fill up a cup for about $15 with any LEGO pieces that you want.  I went and bought a couple of cup fulls with all the parts we would need to make about 15 Christmas Wreaths.  The boys had a great time building and decorating their wreaths. 
 Next, Scott drew LEGO man faces on a bunch of yellow balloons. We filled the basement with them and gave all of the boys inflatable swords. They were transformed into Ninjas and fought valiantly to defeat the balloons and each other. As you can imagine this was definitely a highlight of the party and yes, that is my daughter in the middle of it all. She refused to wear clothes because she was somehow convinced that it was a pajama party.  She was pretty angry at her brothers for not wearing their pajamas too.

 We ate pizza and of course birthday cake!

Finally, Nash opened his presents which mostly consisted of LEGOS, Angry Birds, and Star Wars every 6 year old boy's dream.  
We love you Nashy!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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