Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Halloween 2016

 Annual picture by Mr. Pumpkinhead

I like the decorating part of Halloween. I love the candy part of Halloween. I even like the Jack 'O Lantern part of Halloween, but I don't really love the whole dressing up part of Halloween. My kids always pick the most bizarre costumes.  No princesses or superheroes in this house.  That being said, I don't know why I found it sort of heart breaking that Atley didn't want to dress up this year.  In fact, he wasn't even with us for the school trunk-or-treat festivities or the church festivities because he had other "commitments".  Granted, that was true but, WHAAA!  That sucks.  He tells me he is practically a man.  A very tiny unorganized man, who still needs to be reminded to shower, but a man none the less.  Anyway, here are our Halloween pictures, sans Atley in costume.

Is there anything cuter than a praying Sumo?  
Harley and I did get to dress like twins for orange and black day at school. I guess that was fun.  Although looking at this picture of myself makes me think perhaps my name is Mrs. Pumpkinhead.

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