Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Nash: "I'm thirsty!"
Mom: "Okay!" I hand him a glass of water.
Nash: "I want something different than water."
Mom: "What do you want Nash?"
Nash: "I want coffee or maybe some pumpkin beer."

Nash: "What are these called?" Pointing at his nipples.
Atley: "Those are your nipples."
Nash: "What are they there for?"
Atley: "They are just decorations, but if you were a girl they would have a purpose."
Mom: Thinking, "Wow, I really hope the purpose Atley is talking about is feeding

Nash: "My arm hurts."
Mom: "What happened?"
Nash: "My nursery teacher kicked me in the face."

Nash: "Mom, I don't feel good."
Mom: "What's wrong buddy?"
Nash: "I am really nervous."
Mom: "Why are you so nervous?"
Nash: "Granny comes on the morrow and that makes me nervous."

Conclusion: Perhaps a "Word of Wisdom" and a "My Body is a Temple" Family Home Evening is in order along with some counseling for Nash to settle his nerves.


Wen said...

He sounds normal to me. Granny coming ALWAYS makes me nervous. Come to think of it. If Granny is coming to my house I might want some pumpkin beer.

Kristin said...

So cute! I love the things your boys say.

The Miller Family said...

Those are classic!

The King Family said...

I check your blog frequently hoping that you posted something funny your kids did. It just makes my day to read what those kids of yours have to say!

The Hasletts said...

Too cute. I sure miss you guys. Hope all is well, and give the boys a love for me!

Ginny said...

Awesome. You might need to have a word with that kung-fu-fighting nursery teacher.

The Driggs said...

ha ha ha ha! This post made me laugh (I tried to make that evident by all the "ha's" at the beginning). I love your little guys and their conversations! I need to start writing down Brock's things more often. I keep thinking I'll remember the stuff he says, but of course it just takes a couple of minutes and I've already forgotten! I'm guessing the nursery teacher kicked Nash in the face because he was telling her what Atley taught him about the purpose of girls' nipples!