Monday, April 4, 2011

Soccer-School Play-National Harbor

We had a busy weekend full of, well, everything mentioned in the title. Nash and Atley both had soccer games.  Atley's game was hailed/rained out after about 20 minutes but he played well, had lots of fun and of course mom was sans camera. Nash was a stud in cleats at his game, while Harley was a fantastic cheerleader for her big bros.

Atley had a starring role in the 1st grade play. He did a great job and got the biggest laugh of the whole program! We are not sure whether we are excited about our budding thespian, but we are really proud of his performance.

We went to National Harbor to celebrate Atley's hard work.  No trip to the harbor is complete without a visit to the PEEPS Candy Store. 

Here is Nash having a break down at the PEEPS store.
And here is Nash having another break down at dinner. Never fear, when he realized that Church was on TV this weekend, he was smiling again!  We all love General Conference and we managed to squeeze in all 5 sessions. Does anyone else fast forward through the MoTAB and prayers? We do, and I am pretty sure we are going to hell! 

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