Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now what?

I took Atley to the doctor a few weeks ago. His pediatrician suggested I take him to a dermatologist for some skin issues he has been having.  This is the way she worded her suggestion, "You can take him to any dermatologist. Just take him to whoever does your Botox."  Hum! Not sure whether that was a compliment or an insult. 
A few days later I went to get my hair cut.  The rather rude beautician couldn't stop talking about how badly I needed a dye job to cover the gray.  "Seriously, how can you stand to walk around in public like this?" Yeah, yeah! Just cut the hair already.
Then after a rather embarrassing beat down on the basketball court with my church team, a woman from the opposing side approached me and said, "Maybe the two of us should form an old woman's league."  I thought, "Speak for yourself Granny!"
Perhaps all of these occurrences and the impending birthday month just around the corner bothered me more than I realized, because I found myself at the mall yesterday in search of a new miracle make-up.  Maybe some Botox in a bottle if you will.  I bought the make-up and then made a detour into Forever 21.  They were having a big sale and I really needed some retail therapy.  After about 2 minutes in the store, Nash looks at me and says, "Mom, I think you are too old for this store."  I looked around and realized I did have at least 10 years on the other patrons.  Needless to say, we left.
Now what?  I am stuck in between Abercrombie and a pair of SAS shoes.  What's acceptable?  It isn't like I shop at Hollister with that dirty old mall walker who wears his teeny bopper label super tight around his not so tight physique. I gave up those overly cologned (not a real word) places long ago. I like Old Navy, H&M, Gap, Target, and up until yesterday Forever 21.  However, Nash's revelation makes me doubt my welcomeness (again not a real word) in any of these stores.  Is it time to stop trying to be trendy and embrace my mid-life with a pair of oh-so-unflattering khakis?  I need your advice! Where do you shop?  How can we make this transition together?

An Ageing Fashionista


Jared-n-Krystal said...

I love your post! Just turned 30 this weekend so I've joined the club...not in the 20's any now I need to dress more "mature" but not settle for sweats because that is what is easiest with kiddos around! My favorite brands for a mature-hip look are Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Kenneth Cole New York and Reaction, Old Navy, and Gap...latter two are just so I don't break the bank but TJ Max and consignment stores are also good options too :) I love shopping!

Have you checked out this blog...this girl takes a picture of her outfits all week long and names brands. She pairs things well (like you do!)...I like her style (and yours!).

Jared-n-Krystal said...

Ha! I just checked that girls blog and I am not a fan of her recent outfits. Check out the older ones.

The Hasletts said...

You can't be considered old because then I'm over the hill-so no. Shop where you want and pretend you are still 20-that's what I'm doing. Ha ha, What am I saying. I've had no style for 10 years now.

The Longnecker Zoo said...

Wear what you like!!!!! Doesn't matter if it is from the Childern's Place. If it fits, makes you feel good, and isn't a mini skirt- go for it girl! YOu have a good sense of style.

Wendie said...

Chicos!!!! Don't be alarmed by the sizes. They are 0, 1, 2 ,3. I am a 1. And I weigh about 15 pounds more than I did when we both lived in Tucson. Seriously you will LOVE IT!!!
And Christopher Bank too. I love that store. It is a sad oldest just asked a girl to prom.

*aNdY* said...

I say wear what you wanna wear! I LOVE forever 21 - I am pretty for sure I was seen in there just a few days ago :) I also like the buckle- target- A.E. - I love how fashionable you always are when I see you :) makes me wanna dress cuter!!!

Jen said...

Downeast Basics and Modbe...but you would have to shop online. I don't think they have those stores out your way.