Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

It being March and all, our weekend naturally consisted of basketball.  Of course, there was a BYU game. Plus, Mommy and Daddy both had games while Atley was the half-time entertainment.
Harley practiced walking and wore pig-tails for the very first time. VERY EXCITING!
The boys both rode their bikes. IN THE GYM!  That's right, it is still winter here! Lame.
We went at saw RANGO. The boys loved it, Harley not so much!
Nash, in true middle-child fashion, some how made it to the basketball game with two left boots on his feet without anyone noticing.  As if that was not bad enough, one boot was his and the other was his brother's and at least three sizes too big.  He also threw up a few times and sort of pooped his pants at Wal-Mart!  If you don't believe me just ask the poor Asian man who was giggling with his wife as they observed  Nash reaching into his pants to innocently scratch his butt.  I was giggling as I watched this sweet little couple supress their gag reflexes as Nash  brought out a finger full of brown yumminess.
We really do love him!  We just aren't sure if he believes it or not.

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