Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter to the Team

Dear Cougar Ballers,

Well boys, I am sure that I don't need to remind you but today is game day.  Sweet Sixteen game day! I am also sure I needn't remind you that we haven't been this far in the tourney for 30 years and it sure would be nice to keep playing, don't you think?

  I am writing to let you know that I believe in you, even if my March Madness bracket didn't pick you to make it past Gonzaga.  Just understand that there was $5 at stake so, I went with my head and not my heart.

You should also know I have taken all of the necessary precautions.  First of all, we are not having a party to watch the game.  I am sorry that we did this to you in the past.  We didn't realize that watching at the Butler house was a sure fire way to get you to lose.  We have seen the error of our ways.  The breaking point was when the odds makers in Vegas started calling our house to check on our party plans before setting up the bets.

 I am also wearing my lucky green shoes. They don't even match my outfit.  This is a sacrifice I am only willing to make for you.
You have become a part of our daily lives and vocabulary, not to mention, our sole source of entertainment all winter.  We haven't missed a game and some we have even watched twice.  Our four-year old told his big brother he was going to "Jimmer" him yesterday.  Our six-year old has been inspired to shoot hoops daily without prompt or prodding from his parents.  By the way, his favorite player is Noah! He likes the name. He swears he has heard it somewhere before.

 Logan Magnusson, I am so proud of the way you take the charge.  We need you big fella and you will always have a special place in my heart. Afterall,  I was your 9th grade Geography Teacher in good old Heber City! Do you remember me?  I was that super young and super hot teacher with long dark hair.  Actually never mind! It might only be me who remembers myself that way.

Jackson, we need you to step it up, just like last game.  Please don't double pump the THREE, just take the shot.  You  might surprise yourself. 

Kyle, you can think about your mission to Siberia in May. Focus on what's important right now, basketball!

 Jimmer, oh Jimmer, what can I say to you!  I LOVE YOU!  I dream about you often. Don't worry not in the creepy old lady cougar kind of way, although that might be nice too.  Even my grandma is a huge fan. She went and saw you play in Denver. She is also dreaming about you at night, but I think it might be in the creepy old lady cougar kind of way.  Don't worry, she is harmless.  I also "liked" your brother TJ's music on Facebook even though in reality I don't really care for RAP.  I don't know much but I think the boy has talent. But then again, I am willing to do or say whatever it takes to show my loyalty to you guys!

The truth is no matter how many times I listen to AMAZING or TEACH ME HOW TO JIMMER, wear my lucky green shoes, and declare our house party free, it is all in your hands now.  Don't disappoint!

With a Prayer in my heart,
Your biggest fan-Melisa Butler


phil said...

jen and i are going to be on a plane - hopefully they have wi-fi

Shannon said...

Just one more reason why your blog, Melisa, is my favorite blog to read. So dang entertaining!

Tracy said...

can I press the "Like" button here?!

Wendie said...

please keep writing. Even from the depths of despair you must be in now.