Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Animals at the ZOO

Atley had a day off from school yesterday and it was so pretty outside that we headed to the National Zoo.  It was especially fun because lots of the animals had brand new babies. I have never seen Harley so excited.  She absolutely loves all animals.  She was a perfect angel throughout a very exhausting day.  She yelled, "AHHH! AHHH!" at every new animal we saw.  When we were watching the tiger a woman actually told me that she thought my baby was making the tiger nervous with her loud screams.  I just laughed.  Harley especially loved the baby meerkat.  I thought watching the baby and momma gorilla was a bit too much like life at our home.  Atley had to stop and read everything in sight, while Nash was often forced to take little breaks under the nearest shade tree. 

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Wendi said...

Looks like fun, I really need to take my kids to the zoo again.