Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Nash

A few weeks ago I mentioned to someone that my baby was sick. She said, "You have a baby? I thought you only had Atley and Nash." I am not quite ready to consider my Nash a big boy. He is my baby and he likes it that way. Sometimes Nash gets a little overshadowed by his big brother's super-duper-out-going personality so I am writing to give Nash some credit! Notice in the picture below Nash is with his five favorite things-his daddy, wearing his "digger" shirt, wolfie-his toy wolf, a tape measure (he measures everything, including me all while exclaiming how huge I am), and being lazy.

We love our baby! He is very special, very smart, and very funny! He can almost name every commercial airliner that flies over our house and sometimes he can even identify the type of aircraft-like Boeing 737 or MD-88. Here are some recent Nash quotables!

*He loves chocolate! The other day in the car he said, "Mom, I tired!" I told him that he could take a nap when he got home. He said, "No thanks! If I eat some chocolate I'll feel better."

*When having a family home evening about gratitude Nash told us he was thankful for his SPEED! He thinks he is a super fast runner!

*He woke up the other morning and asked where his dad was and before I could answer he says, "Oh no, did he die?"

*In church he yelled, "I see a naked man on a flying horse!" Who knows where he comes up with these things.

*He accidentally hit Atley in the private parts the other day. Of course Nash's solution to any problem he causes is to kiss what ever or whomever is hurt. Atley freaked out when Nash tried to kiss the offended body part to make it better. We tried to explain to Nash why this was inappropriate while keeping a straight face.

*He calls me his little fluffy one! And tells me that he loves his dad more than me, because I am too squishy.

*He loves to pick out shoes for me to wear and turns violent if I refuse to wear fluorescent green flip-flops with a red dress. Last Sunday this was the case and he yelled, "You are so mean, I am going to attack you!" He did just that with a green flip-flop.

So just to be fair I will also add a few of Atley's recent embarrassing/funny remarks.

*Yesterday he says, "Mom, I wish we lived on a cruise ship." I say, "Why buddy?" And he says, "Don't you think they are romantic?"

*We went to Olive Garden and after serving our dishes the waitress began to walk away, Atley yells, "Hey lady, I would like some freshly grated AMAZON cheese on my spaghetti, please!" Of course he meant Parmesan cheese.

*At a baptism Atley turned to the lady next to us and said, "Did you take a shower today?" I immediately squeezed his arm hoping it would deter him from whatever he was about to say. The lady replied, "Yes, I did. Did you take a shower today?" Atley tells her, "You sure don't smell like you took a shower today. Maybe you need another one." Hence, the reason my friends are few and far between!


Bisel Family said...

Bj and I laughed our guts out!

The Miller Family said...

Oh my heck! I'm going to have to share this one with Jay. Doesn't sound like you have too many dull moments around your house! Gotta love boys!

Ginny said...

You have another comedian in the ranks! When are you going to have your own reality show? I would def TiVo it.