Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Good morning, Baltimore!"

What's with the title? Well, if you have ever seen "Hairspray" you will understand, and if you haven't seen "Hairspray" rent it, so you can be in the know. I think it will truly enrich your life. Anyway, I am rambling. However, we did go to Baltimore this weekend to visit the B&O Train Museum. Apparently the first train/tracks in America were located near Baltimore. And I suppose that is why B&O Railroad is such a hot commodity in Monopoly. The boys were in locomotive heaven.

This is a picture of "TOM THUMB" the first American train ever built, circa 1830.

While we were there we also visited the homes of some famous people. First, Baltimore just happens to be the birthplace of Babe Ruth. Here is his home.

Second, Edgar Allen Poe called Baltimore home. Hence, Baltimore's football team is named the RAVENS! The only thing scarier than Poe's poems is the pregnant woman posing outside of his childhood home. By the way, Baltimore is a scary city and both of these houses were in the projects. Nothing like the happily singing city in Hairspray, imagine that. So, consider yourself warned if you decide to venture there yourself.

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Wendie said...

Melisa I am so psyched! That is where we spent our grad school days. Many a Saturday afternoon at the B&O railroad. (My kids were too young then to get the monopoly reference, but it was so dang cool). Did you go the the inner harbor? They have the BEST Fudgery there. They make it right in front of you. I think we may have spent more time at the fudgery than the railroad (weird since we had two boys at the time like you). And.... Poe is way scarier than you...even pregnant!