Friday, July 13, 2012

Atley's Baptism

It should have been no surprise that any event for Atley would be unique and memorable.  The night before Atley's baptism we had a terrible storm. The weatherman called it a Derecho.  Anyway, 1.5 million people lost power. We were no exception and neither was our church building.  We went ahead as planned. Atley was baptized in the dark, hence the grainy dark photos. It was a wonderfully spiritual day for all of us and certainly a day Atley will not soon forget.  Thank you to all of our friends and Scott's parents who spent this special day with us in the dark. 

Atley was baptized and confirmed by his dad. Nash and I gave talks on the Holy Ghost and Baptism respectively. Nash did a fantastic job. He spoke clearly, loudly, and remembered everything we had practiced.  He was rewarded with lots of melting chocolate cake.
We barbecued in the church parking lot and had tons of food.  No one wanted to go back to their hot and dark houses so we all stayed for as long as we could.

We are so proud of Atley's decision to be baptized.  He is such an amazing little man. We feel so lucky to have him in our family.

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Tracy said...

I Love your cute white dress! and Thumbs up to Atley :)