Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Skating & Snow Days-Making the Most of It

Hey, guess what?  It is STILL winter. Yeah, I'm totally over it already.  Even my most beloved sweaters and coats are starting to feel itchy.  We have lost and replaced at least six pairs of gloves this winter and in demonstration against anymore cold days and snow storms I simply refuse to buy one more pair of gloves until next season.  Apparently, Mother Nature doesn't care much about my protestations because my children are suffering from mild cases of frost bite on their fingers as we speak.  It'll toughen them up right? (By the way, they really don't have frost bite, yet. So, don't get all crazy and call the authorities or send me a box of old mittens.)   Of course, the kids love the snow. They love playing in it, skating in it, eating it, missing school for it and apparently don't mind freezing in it. Here is our reenactment of Robert Frost's, Into the Woods on a Snowy Evening  

It is also mandated somewhere in the kid constitution that you must spend at least one day per winter ice skating. I remember loving this activity as a kid but it is so painful as an adult.  Your ankles hurt, your back hurts and if you fall, well that could be the end of everything. This year was Harley's first year on skates.  She adores watching figure skating on TV and I believe she was convinced she was going to be a young Tara Lipinski when she hit the ice.  It was rough. She was forced to check her pride and use a penguin. But, when she discovered it impossible to spin a hundred miles an hour on one skate with our without her penguin, she was devastated.

 By way of advice:  The penguins are really an awesome tool to help young children and even adults learn to skate.  As far as I know there are only two rinks in the D.C. area with penguins-Pentagon City and Washington Harbor.

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