Friday, March 13, 2009

At least they're funny!

Okay, mom's, have you ever noticed that when you have the most to accomplish your kids are usually the naughtiest? This, my week full of moving stress, has been no exception. My boys have been the epitome of naughtiness. But, they have also made me laugh. Well, except when Nash took a sheet of sand paper to the side of Scott's relatively new truck and scratched the heck out of it. I suppose we were never meant to have nice things, that is why God sent us children instead. It also wasn't funny when Nash tried to flush a diaper down the toilet. We didn't realize he had done this until Atley started talking about building an ark and calling Noah and Scott saw water rushing over the top of the garage on the outside of the house. We had quite the little flood. Anyhow, here is a list of some of the funny sayings and happenings from this past week.

1. Last night around 10PM I hear Nash yell, "Momma, Coming!" That is how Nash tells me he needs me. It is also code word for, "Mom I made a huge mess and you have to see how awesome it is!" I raced upstairs, thinking he should have been asleep for hours by now and find that he had dumped the contents of his humidifier all over the floor and all over himself. But, before I could get angry at him he says. "I bad momma. I'm a mean baby." Yes, you are a mean baby, Nash!

2. I picked Atley up from school yesterday and asked him how his day went. He seemed more serious than usually when he says, "Purple really shouldn't be your favorite color mom." I reply, "Why is that Atley?" He says, "Because purple is the saddest color. It's the color they dressed Jesus in when he was crucified. It is a horrible color." Did I mention he attends a Methodist Preschool and that he is four? My response, "I guess you are right." His response, "Have you ever been crucified mom?" I say, "No, Atley I haven't." His reply, "Well, you better hope it never happens to you because getting nailed to anything wouldn't be fun." "No, Atley you are right, that was a really bad thing that happened." "Yeah, but don't worry mom. It ends happy. Jesus came back to life pretty fast."

3. At breakfast Nash asked for seconds and Atley told him, "No, Nash you have had sufficient for your needs."

4. Wednesday, Atley wanted to wear a dirty shirt to school. I told him that he couldn't that his clothes should look nice and clean. His response to this information, "Oh, come on mom, relax. Everyone knows it is not the type of clothes a person wears that matters, it is what is on the inside that counts." I don't know who is teaching him that nonsense. (insert smiley face here)



Mandy said...

So cute! Isn't it funny how kids will teach us. And yes I totally understand the about the more to get done the more things go's like a 6th sense kids have. :) Miss you guys hope the move went well.

The King Family said...

Funny stuff. Your kids crack me up and they are so smart!

natalie tenney said...

I love #3

Presidency said...

Oh Melissa, I love your blog. You and your kids are so entertaining. You really ought to think about writing for a living.

Linda Mortensen

The Hasletts said...

Man I miss you guys! Thanks for the laughs and I know exactly how you feel! Oh, we want to see the new house...