Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We disappeared for a few weeks into a dreary little black hole called moving, but we are emerging a little tired and finally all settled in our new home. We finally have our Internet service connected and I feel like I can now reconnect with the outside world. Here are some updates:

*Thanks to all who helped with our move! We owe you big time!

*So far the boys have survived the new pool. KNOCK ON WOOD! In fact, Scott is the only one who has accidentally fallen. The pool cover held his weight so we feel a lot safer when the boys play outside. Thanks for your spastic experiment honey, I sleep more soundly knowing our boys won't be falling ten feet into a concrete pit. Although we know Atley could probably survive. Please keep them in your prayers especially when summer comes, the pool cover comes off, and the pool is filled with water.

*The weather is still miserably cold. My how I miss Arizona in the winter, but the boys are enjoying the hot tub. Atley claims this is the new houses best feature by far.

*I thought when we moved that I would just remove Atley from preschool and we could just hang out and have fun together. What I did not realize is that when I signed him up for school I was actually selling his soul to the devil-well not really. I was just obligating myself to pay for the entire year whether he attends or not. So, I am now spending two hours in the car driving him to preschool and back because if I am paying for it, he is going to go! It is really lame. Today I was super tired and trying to hurry him up the stairs at his school. In the middle of the crowded hall he turns around and yells at me, "Sometimes I feel just like a piece of meat!" Everyone laughed. I turned red! Despite the fact that most of the mother's at the school think I am a terrible mother we had a great time at the Family Fun Night last week. The highlight was meeting Curious George.

*Never say never! Problems with our other car encouraged us to buy another one, a mini-van no less. I have mixed emotions about succumbing to the Mormon Mini-Van Movement. I swore I would never drive a mini-van and a few days after we bought it I felt a mini-mid-life crisis coming on, but it is so much easier getting the boys in and out and hauling their stuff around. I don't know why I didn't give in sooner. MINI-VANS are soooo COOL! I am just not very cool anymore!

*Nash is obsessed with being tickled. He likes his belly rubbed just like a puppy. In fact, the puppy similarities don't stop there-he also poops and pees on the floor like a dog too. After being tickled for quite sometime the other day he decided to return the favor and tickle my tummy. He lifted my shirt and got an unmistakeably disgusted look on his face. He exclaimed, "Oh, nasty. Mommy broken." Yes, Nash those are stretch marks and scars and you and Atley are primarily responsible for the nastiness. Thanks Buddy!

*Last but not least we made the trek up to Philadelphia to watch the BYU Cougars play against Texas A&M in the NCAA tournament. We were so excited. But, the excitement pretty much ended after our first cheese steak, because by then we were getting slaughtered. It was very sad. We looked so little and well, white! We didn't have a chance!


natalie tenney said...

I was 23 when I got my first mini van. Talking about depressing. But they reall are more convenient. About a year and a half ago we got an expidition. I feel a little cooler but it's kind of a pain.

Eric and Justine said...

Congratulations on surviving your move. I love reading your blog (you are a fantastic writer-would be a great columnist) and all your adventures. I miss the D.C. area, I lived in Manassas, VA. for 7 years. We were looking into buying a Mini-Van as well. Just wondering if you did a lot of research and which one you chose. Thanks for all the smiles you share with us.

Roscoe and Daisy said...

Congradulations on giving in and just getting the mini-van. Aren't they so nice I love mine....seriously I do! :)What did end up getting?!
That's cool you have a hot tub and swimming pool at your new house. How much does Scott make and can you get us a job there? I love the DC area too as you know I lived outside in Lakewood, VA area for 3 yrs.
Atley says the funniest things he really should be a comedian when he grows up! As I always say your post makes me laugh and smile. I agree with Justine you need to be a columnist writer! Miss you!

The Hasletts said...

Glad all is well and that you survived your move-I don't know how you do it. Give the boys a hug for me! Miss ya!

Kaylyn said...

I am really glad to have a way to still see how you guys are doing! I told Ryan about all the funny Atley & Nash things you talked about at dinner the other night and he told me that he really wants to babysit again so call us anytime you need a babysitter (Ryan would like me to insert that you can also call us anytime you want to share your hot tub), we would love to!

Wendi said...

Understand the minivan trauma, I had to deal with that a few years ago. I really did like my minivan, but I enjoy my Pilot now (mainly because of the movie screen).
The pool, I understand, we have a pool here and at first I was really worried about my girls. Abby is scared to death of water because of it and my older two are little fishy's.