Thursday, July 2, 2009


There have been a few things driving me crazy this week, besides the Michael Jackson circus. Don't get me wrong, he was amazing-but with the North Korean's testing Nuclear Weapons every morning do you think there is any way we could just speed up the burial and get on with our lives. I think it is becoming a matter of national security. Although, I am sure the King of Pop is going to put on one amazing show in heaven or hell or wherever he went. He has all the people he needs to make it a success. Just imagine Billy Mays being the pitchman for all the heavenly commercials for MJ's afterlife concert, Ed McMahon being the MC, "HERE'S MICHAEL" and of course Farrah Fawcett will be the sexy GoGo Dancer in her red swimsuit.
But, I digress that's not really my biggest complaint here it is... first, this new prescription drug on the market called "Latisse." Have you seen this advertised? It is a drug that will help you grow thicker and longer lashes. For real? Calling all scientists, can you please focus on something IMPORTANT! You know, like curing cancer, or in Scott's opinion male-pattern baldness-I mean anything but eyelash thickness. How will this new drug effect Obama's new health plan? Will his socialist doctors be able to handle the influx of patients seeking treatment for a less than hearty crop of lashes? Oh me, oh my, I smell a catastrophe in the air.
I am also terribly distressed to hear the news that the people of Minnesota have elected a former member of the Saturday Night Live cast to the United State's Senate-not even a funny member mind you-Al Franken. Can life get any worse for these poor people. Not only do they live in one of the most horrible places in the world, but they are idiots too.
My last complaint is as follows. I spent 45 minutes driving around the parking lot at the mall last week trying to find a parking spot. The ironic thing is that there are twenty spaces reserved right up front by the entrance. They are not reserved for handicapped people or expectant mother's. No, they are reserved for people who drive hybrids. Isn't it idiotic to make the people, like myself, driving gas guzzlers and making huge carbon footprints drive around for nearly an hour while these sweet little PRIUS' get front row parking. If we genuinely cared about the environment wouldn't we do it the other way around-Prius' in the back-trucks and SUV's up front. THINK about it PEOPLE-that's all I am asking.


The McGill Crew said...

THANK YOU!!!! You couldn't have said it better! :)

The Driggs said...

You are a deep thinker. All these things would have simply slipped my mind, but now that you have planted the seed, I am definitely thinking about them! There are lots of people out there who hold their hand in the shape of an "L" right in the middle of their foreheads!