Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Country Roads Take Me Home!

In a few short a days I begin my annual trip back to Southern Colorado, where I was born and raised. I don't like being away from my sweet hubby and while I love the east coast, and the D.C. area, life here is a bit hectic and I always look forward to my time at home where things move a little slower. Well, actually things move tremendously slower. But, it is this slow pace that makes me so excited to return each year. Let me show you some of the differences between my home town and Washington D.C. I think you will understand why I still love going "home" so much!

Above traffic in Washington D.C. Below traffic in Sanford, Colorado.

In Colorado we have mountains. Beautiful, amazing mountains.

In Washington D.C. there aren't any mountains, but we do have Capitol Hill. Beautiful, but not quite as impressive.

Although my husband would strongly disagree, in my opinion the San Luis Valley has the best Mexican Food in the world.

In Washington D.C. Mexican Food is lacking but we do have a lot of Kabob Houses.

In Washington D.C. we have the White House.

But, in Colorado we have an OUT HOUSE at my grandparent's cabin. Thanks mom for posing in the window!

In Washington D.C. we have a public transit train called the Metro. You may have heard, it sometimes crashes.

In Colorado we have the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad.

Below is what shopping in Washington D.C. looks like--I think they should change the store name to Temptation's instead.

But, in Colorado about 30 minutes from my hometown is a Wal-Mart. Sorry, but I love Wal-Mart. And I miss it terribly.

In Washington D.C. we have this guy!

But in Colorado we have these guys (my grandpa's) and many more people I love and cherish. Can't wait to see everyone!


GO Gray's said...

that's cute. . . and I totally agree about the mexican food.

The King Family said...

amen! no matter where my actual home is...the valley will always be HOME. i sure hope we get to move back some day. hopefully we will get to see you guys while you are there, conner would love to see atley.

Wendi said...

Love your comparisons! I had to get lots of mexican food from different places in June while in the valley. Enjoy your trip!

Ginny said...

This is hilarious--very clever post! Have a fun trip! Maybe you can petition for an HOV lane so you can get around those cattle.

Justin and Melissa Gilleland said...

Oh the good ole' valley! Sure wish we could have seen more of you at vacation. i only got a glimpse of ya at Brice's farewell. You look amazing as always. Can I just say you might just be the best blogger in all of america. don't be surprised if I steal some of you ideas! Hope to see you soon. Melissa

Brittin Marie said...

I love the cows...yes I may have come close to hitting a few, but what can I say! HAMBURGERS!!! O ya, and I loved the out house :) Good to see you!

Ruth said...

The cows brought a smile to my face because of your "cow killing episode" :) Nice comparisons...But it's true it's always nice to go home even if the pace of life is slower it's good for the soul. I feel rejuvenated every time I go home to Tahiti.

Roscoe and Daisy said...

Awesome entry- have some country fun!!