Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wow, it's been awhile. I almost forgot how to do this blogging bit. Anyway, country roads didn't take us home, rather the friendly, make that unfriendly skies, whisked us away to Colorado and a month later we have returned. It is always a little bittersweet coming home and a bit tough getting back into the groove of things. The challenge I am facing now is how to organize the 200 or so pictures I took into a logical and not horrendously boring blog post. I have come to the conclusion that I don't think it is possible-so here is a boring post of our adventures in Colorado. I hope you have a lot of time to waste.

First, traveling never goes smoothly for the Butler family. Most things in our life seem to be an adventure or a test of endurance. Our plane was delayed nearly six hours for maintenance problems. But, the boys are pretty good travelers and we arrived in Colorado Springs six hours behind schedule but safely. I guess that is what counts.

The first four days we spent in the mountains in my grandparent's cabin, where the transition from an altitude of 130 feet to more than 10,000 feet made us all a bit less than perky. The boys loved riding the four-wheelers and playing with their cousins.

I loved bedtime! Yes, they are watching movies on their IPOD's. They are city boys cut them some slack. They got so dirty that by day three we were forced to bathe them in the little tin bucket shown above. Anthother treat was playing in the river, which made our pool water feel very toasty.

We had great fun hanging out at my friend Shae's and goo-gooing over her sweet new baby Sydney and of course her sister's cutie Macey.

One of my favorite parts about being home is the lack of pressure to be busily engaged at all times. We went to the park, watched way too much TV, I read five books while I was gone, and of course we ate lots of Mexican Food. Above is Atley at Ann's Cafe in La Jara, Colorado.

We went swimming with the cousins at a place called Hooper. It is a hot springs and the boys found a fish in the pool. Very exciting.

Here we are at the Anderson Family reunion. I have been trying to find documentation that one of my ancestor's fought in the American Revolution. Not only to satisfy my own curiousity but also because I have been wanting to join DAR, Daughter's of the American Revolution. DAR has a huge Washington D.C. chapter that is involved in tons of historical preservation and exploration. Well, I found enough information at the reunion to discover that one of my grandfather's had in fact fought in the revolution and I also discovered his enlistment paper's in the Virginia Regiment. So,now I have proof. SCORE!

One day we traveled to Creede Colorado which was and maybe still is a rough mining town. In it's prime it was a sanctuary for the likes of Doc Holiday and other ruffians. We toured the underground homestake mine. The boys loved it, but it kind of freaked me out, being in a mine under a mountain, is a little too much like being underground in a cemetary for me.

No, trip home is complete without exploring the farms and especially the big tractor's that keep those farms operating. It is a little boy's paradise.

And of course no trip home seems to happen without a least one visit to the doctor. Atley and I both had to make trips this year. Our sickness delayed our return for a few days, but we finally got back to the D.C. area just in time for Nash to get sick as well. But, what can I say it was worth it. I failed to have my camera at a few other highlights such as the 24th of July Celeration, AKA, Mormon Pioneer Days, where Shae and I lost our first three-legged race in the history of our competitive racing in this event. Wow, Do you think we might be getting old? My cousin also got married and it was a beautiful wedding only partially marred by my attempt to sing during the ceremony with a nasty case of bronchitis. I hope she doesn't hold a grudge. We loved our time at home and I am thankful that my boys have the opportunity to experience small town life each summer! Stay tuned I plan to give you all a picture tour of my hometown, depicting some of the highlights of my youth. I know this is incredible news. I hope you don't lose any sleep due to your anticipation of this exciting event.


G&G said...

Awesome blog. I loved all the pictures and loved the text, of course. I look forward to the boring, I mean exciting tour of your home town.

The King Family said...

Sorry to hear that you guys got sick. I wish that we would have been able to see you guys more while you were down, maybe next time. Take care!

Brittin Marie said...

Hey! That is awesome about the DAR...I got an award from our chapter down here but never knew if I could join or not! Love the pics! It was good to see you!