Friday, September 23, 2011


It has been raining here for a month with no end in sight.  It is discouragingly wet and moldy everywhere we look.  Plus it is bringing outdoor creatures inside.  We have a spider, ant, and cricket infestation that is about to kill me. The exterminator finally came today and hopefully he remedied the problem, but if it keeps raining I am doubtful. Check out this picture. Those little black spots are sugar ants next to our fireplace.
Although they are harmless any bug in a large quantity is nasty!
The soccer fields are muddy when they are open at all, keeping the boys on an emotional roller coaster of soccer dreams. School has even been cancelled because of flooding. I am honestly ready to build an ark.
Our attempts to close the pool for the winter have been fruitless since it is in constant need of draining from the inches and inches of rain falling.  Several of these attempts have resulted in Harley falling face first into the water.  Never fear, she holds her breath, keeps her eyes open, and it is really cute watching her swim underwater before she gets rescued. Although, the last fall into pool water hovering at a chilly 60 degrees, was less than a pleasant experience.  We made it up to her by letting her pass her time doing one of her very favorite things, back floating in the hot tub. Of course, it was raining and she had to keep her eyes closed during most of her relaxation time.

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