Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treating on Embassy Row

'Twas the day after Halloween and all through the house,
The kids were on a sugar hangover even Harley the mouse!
Mamma is very sleepy and Nash is a little weepy!
Atley is at school for the teacher to handle
No longer dressed up like a Jedi Vandal!

Okay, enough bad poetry. Yesterday was full of Halloween fun and I really am exhausted today. First, stop Atley's school party.  Then in the early afternoon we went into the city to Trick-or-Treat on Embassy Row with some friends, followed by Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood after dark. Embassy Row in Washington D.C. is pretty much what it's name states-a long street where all of the the embassy's to the U.S. are located. Some of them pass out Halloween candy and some don't but the atmosphere is very exciting and some times a little scary, like when a homeless woman chased the Superman of our group yelling weird things about his candy or when Nash stepped into oncoming traffic. All in all, it is such a uniquely fun D.C. experience we couldn't resist but to try it at least once. I think it will become an annual tradition.

Our first stop was the Moroccan Embassy. We were novices at this so when the guards out front told the kids that they had no candy, the audible whine from all the children inspired the guards to let them into the embassy to wave at the Ambassador.  He was sitting behind this weird glass wall and seemed none too happy about a group of kids and their overzealous mom's encroaching on his workplace. I'm pretty sure the guards are without jobs this morning. Sorry!!!

After that experience, we pretty much just sent the kids to the door alone.  Nash even managed to break into the Guatemalan Embassy. But, it got him some candy so we continued to encourage the breaking and entering!

When an embassy wouldn't open for us we started shouting things about their country like "We really love leprechauns!" at the Irish Embassy or "Pele` is our hero!" at the Brazilian Embassy. They still didn't let us in, surprise, surprise!

We felt a little sad for the Pakistanis' since their embassy was under foreclosure!

There were lots of Georgetown University students out and one girl in particular was dressed like a very permiscuous Pocahontas.  We were cracking up when Nash approached her and said, "Wow, I really like Indians!"  Atley noticed her about the same time and quickly approached and added, "Your costume is AWESOME!"  I wish I had taken a picture of my flirtatious little boys!

The Egyptians were very welcoming and wanted to take lots of pictures with our children. 

If I were giving an award, the South Korean's would take the cake. They gave us a tour and let us sample all kinds of Korean treats!

One observation about the day, the countries that were probably in the worst shape financially were by far the most generous with their candy. Almost every African country was open and sharing-well with the exception of Morocco but Sudan, Niger, Burkina Faso, were all very welcoming and generous. Interesting!

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G&G said...

Wow, sounds like another interesting fun activity by the Butler Family. The pictures are great, what an adventure.