Friday, May 25, 2012

By Bus & Bike

One day while Scott was working Atley and I took a bus all over the city.  Above is the Amador Causeway.  Please don't get the misguided impression that all the city streets in Panama are serene and calm like this one. In fact, I think this is the only street in which I didn't fear for my life while crossing.  We hopped off at a few places throughout the day. but mostly enjoyed the air conditioning and the scenery.
Once we had to stop because Atley had a hankering for a mango and he saw a mango tree that he just had to climb.
 Then we saw a stand where they were renting bicycles. Not just any bicycles either, but bicycles that looked like cars. We absolutely had to get one, never mind that it was 95 degrees and 100% humidity outside.  It didn't take long until we realized that Atley's feet couldn't reach the pedals so I would be handling this mean machine all on my own.

We weren't quite sure where to take our bike-mobile but a strange man told us about a secluded path where we could take great photos.  Sounded great to me, until I had been pedaling for about 15 minutes and not only was I drenched in sweat but I was positive that I was having a massive heart attack. We began to notice that we were surrounded by abandoned buildings and jungle. We also began to notice that there were people living in the buildings and according to Atley they were "watching us longingly." Atley finally had the good sense to say, "I think that guy told us to come this way so he could sneak up on us and attack."  Okay, that officially freaked me out and I pedaled back as fast as I could, which wasn't very fast, and we literally ran down the street chasing the first bus that passed.
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The bus dropped us off at Hard Rock Cafe and our Coca Cola never tasted so good. Walking back to our apartment we were almost hit by a car but when we realized it was Scott, instead of giving him the finger we just climbed inside.

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