Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What do you Dream About?

I have had night terrors since I can remember.  I must have some deeply rooted psychological impairment, but don't we all!  Anyway, I have vivid dreams each night and a few of them are reoccurring.  I was just wondering what you dream about?
Here are my most common dreams/nightmares.

1.  I wake up in my bed and there are millions of fluffy jellyfish floating down from the ceiling onto my face. It is then that I show off my mad ninja skills by karate chopping the thin air above my head.

2.  I need to make a call and I can't make my fingers dial the right number. Every time I think I have dialed correctly someone on the other end says, "Domino's Pizza Hut! Can I help you?" I wake up so frustrated.

3.  For some reason I leave my kids somewhere, our house, the mall, in the car and try as I may I cannot get back to them.  There are constantly obstacles in my way and I wake up panicked!

4.  I am asked to read something in public and I keep saying the words incorrectly. Most recently I was giving the State of the Union address and each time I tried to say union I would say unicorn and everyone would laugh.
 I am totally not running for president now!


Melinda said...

Unicorn, I love it. My most common nightmares are:

1. Losing all my teeth. I'll be talking, eating, driving, or another normal activity, and my teeth will just start falling out. I spend the rest of the nightmare rushing around trying to find a dentist.

2. Kidnapped by pirates in a flying pirate ship run by an evil Victorian school headmistress. I've had this one since childhood - I think it was brought on by too much classic children's literature (Peter Pan, etc...).

Tracy said...

My most reoccuring dream since childhood is running away from strangers at night-time and I use my mad skillz of speed and jumping over back-yard fences through my old neighborhood to try to get away from them. Although, I never get away, they just keep coming and coming until they get closer and closer and then I wake up with my heart racing so fast.

I haven't had this dream recently though. I think it's because I've always been scared of evil people who want to harm others! I don't think I have any other reoccuring dreams, just weird off the wall ones recently.

Loved your post, very interesting :)