Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Reviews & My Favorite Book Ever

It has been awhile since I recommended any new books, the truth is I haven't read a ton of great one's lately with the exception of these three.
This book is a true story about one of the most amazing men in history.  No, he isn't particularly famous but he survived one of the most horrific experiences during WWII and this is his story.  It is unbelievable and inspiring.  Loved it!
This book is not new (notice the 35th Anniversary Edition on the front) and it had been on my MUST READ list for a very long time and finally I got around to it.  Again it is the true story of a Dutch woman who worked to help Jews in Holland during WWII.  This is such a faith promoting book and an amazing reminder that if we look hard enough, we can see Heavenly Father's tender mercies even in the darkest of places and most troubling of days.
DRUMROLL please.  Here it is my favorite book of all time.  I think it even knocked out Pride & Prejudice.  I know that is almost blasphemous, but this is an amazingly romantic, heart wrenching read.  Set in England during WWI.  Yeah, I am not sure what the WW theme is all about for me, but if you like Downton Abbey this is a very similar setting, but the hero and heroine are even more endearing than Matthew and Lady Mary. Again, blasphemous right.  It takes a little time to become enthralled but trust me stick with it and read this book. Also, if you hate it, well, don't tell me because I might not like you as much anymore. Warning: It is little bit sexy-nothing graphic-but it is there.

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