Saturday, March 2, 2013

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Harley has a small addiction to television, especially Disney Junior and Mickey Mouse Club House.  On Wednesday I made a vow that I was not going to let her watch TV. I was going to make a valiant effort to fill her day with fun things that would keep her entertained.  Towards the end of the evening I was running out of ideas and patience, so I decided to fill the bathroom sink with water and bubbles and let her play with her rubber ducks.  She was having a great time playing and making a watery mess all over the bathroom floor. I was feeling so proud of myself for my superior mothering abilities, when...She slipped on that slippery tiled floor, landing on her face, more specifically her chin.  At first I couldn't tell what was wrong, just that she was hurt very badly.  Then I saw it. A perfectly straight slit under her chin all the way to the little bone.  The boys had just gotten home from school-Scott was out of town. We piled into the car to head to Urgent Care.  Nash was instructed to hold a wash rag under her chin.  Up to this point Nash had not seen what had happened, but a few minutes into our ride, he noticed that the washrag he was holding was covered in blood. This prompted him to throw it down on the ground in a panic and then gaze upon Harley's injury.  Well, needless to say he flipped out.  He has a small issue with blood, at least with other people's blood. He turned white as a ghost and said he was going to throw up and I thought for sure he was going to pass out.  I made him close his eyes and put his head between his legs. By the time we made it to the hospital Harley was fine and Nash was a total disaster.
Here she is waiting for stitches. Nash and Atley had to wait in another hospital room where Atley did his best to comfort his brother through his traumatic experience.  I held her down while they stitched up her chin. She kept yelling-"I am so scared!" and "I just want to suck my thumb and pick my fuzz!"  Six stitches later we were on our way home. She slept for 15 hours straight and Nash slowly got some color back in his face.
The next night when she said her prayers she said, "Heavenly Father, please help mommy to keep me safe better and bless that brothers and daddy will be super heroes that save me before I get hurt."
The moral of the story is:  Be a good mom, do the right thing and just let your kids watch TV. It is much less dangerous and far less expensive.

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