Saturday, March 9, 2013

Proof-I am a FANTASTIC Mother

True Story:
Atley is learning Spanish at school.  Last week his teacher read the class Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish.  The Spanish word for Eggs is Huevos, which just so happens to be a word we use in our home more often than I would like to admit. Let me explain. Each time the teacher would say the word huevos Atley would start laughing.  Apparently, his laughing became so uncontrollable that the teacher had to completely stop reading the book to address the problem.  When Atley was asked why he refused to stop laughing even when asked Atley responded with, "This book is cracking me up, because it keeps saying naughty words about private parts."  His Spanish teacher did not understand and much to my dismay pressed Atley further.  "Atley, this book does not have naughty words in it."  Atley replied with, "Well, I don't know about you but in my house huevos means nuts and I am not talking about the kind you eat."  Thanks Atley!
If that little story doesn't make you want to sing my praises, check out the photo below. I have no doubt that after you see my almost 3 year old daughter who is STILL wearing a diaper and chugging the biggest Mountain Dew ever invented you will be forced to admire me.


Melinda said...

Yep, you win. Best mom ever. The important part is that your kids sure think so ;) ).

Anonymous said...

Yep for shure the grates mom ever i say keep the 3 year old a baby as long as u can let her be little and well the other stuff about the words used it may be time to find a new word

Michael Sorrells said...

She is stilly