Friday, March 8, 2013


I have this thing with maps. I love them, like I really love and enjoy them.  Every time we go anywhere I have to buy a map for me and the boys.  We thoroughly study it and plan our adventures.  I have lots of maps stored in a box under my bed from when I taught 9th grade geography and I am happy to say that I think my love affair with maps has worn off on my children.  The sad thing is they will probably never really need a paper map to get them from point A to B, but I am glad they like them anyway.  Here are two projects we have done with maps lately. 
 Mod Podged Map Table
Someone got sharpie on our coffee table. I won't name any names but she is little and really cute and she has a scar on her chin.  This seemed like the perfect solution. Nothing like kicking your feet up in Antarctica after a long day of work.  Hint:  Use outdoor Mod Podge to make it water proof.
Where Is It Made?
I used to play this game with my students and I thought the kids would like it too. We went through the house, looked at the tags in our clothes, the stamps on our dishes and the labels on our toys to discover where everything was made.  The kids were a little disappointed that so few of our things were made in the USA.  We marked where things were made with a star on our world map.  Atley's comment, "I guess if I ever want to make something I better move to southeast Asia."