Monday, September 2, 2013

Foul-Weather Fans

After last weekend no one could ever accuse the Butler Family of being Fair-Weather Fans.  We traveled with Atley and some good friends to Charlottesville to watch the BYU Cougars take on the UVa Cavaliers on Saturday.  When we arrived there was a heat-index of about 103. We sneaked into the Cougar Club Tailgate party where Atley got up close and personal with the BYU cheerleaders and Cosmo.

We opted to sit on the hill with the UVa student section so that we could be close to the field.  We were hot but we were ready for some football. It was fantastic for about a quarter.

But then the announcer let us know that the stadium had to be evacuated because of an approaching thunder storm. We were told to get in our vehicles or the closest open building. Well, our truck was about 2 miles away and it was starting to rain so we spent almost 2 and half hours in a parking garage with hundreds of other people, melting in the humidity. 

Scott was just about ready to give up when they finally allowed us back into the stadium. The "hill" was too wet and muddy so we sat in our seats. We were there for about 5 minutes when lightening started again and there was a torrential down pour of epic proportions. We were all forced into the tunnels to watch the game on the little TVs.  Finally, around the 4th quarter, the rain let up enough for us to sit back in our seats.  We felt that we definitely deserved a win for all of the pain and suffering we had endured, but the Cougars failed us once again.  But, we will undoubtedly be back for more next week. After all was said and done the game was almost 7 hours long. I am afraid we have ruined football for Atley forever.


G&G said...

I bet not most of those pics look like a pretty happy boy. Events always get better with time....

Melinda said...

He'll appreciate the experience in a few months when it becomes an incredible story to tell.