Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's getting me through!

We have made it through the first week of school with minimal drama. Atley has only had one item confiscated by his teacher and he was only a little embarrassed when his strings teacher measured his arm declaring him only suitable to play the world's tiniest violin. It really is adorable though. He also informed some of his classmates that they were in fact, wrong to believe that most people would end up in heaven. According to a phone call I received from a disgruntled parent, Atley then began a discourse on the various degrees of heaven and hell. Apparently, one child was in tears in fear for his evil little brother who he is convinced is destined for an eternity in outer darkness. This little brother happens to be Nash's best friend and I am also fearful for his eternal welfare as I am for Nash's. He has taught Nash a few very choice words. One of which he said in the school cafeteria. I happened to be on lunch duty that morning and discovered him standing in an isolated corner with his arms folded and head bowed in quiet communion. I approached when his praying ceased and asked him what was wrong, "I had to repent mom. I keep dropping the F-Bomb!"  Well, what can I say at least he is repentant. Nash has also created a Cage Fighting Club under the new dome on the playground and yes, I have received some feedback about this behavior as well. Might I add he is also the grouchiest most exhausted child I have ever been around and I am already crossing off the days until Christmas Break.  Harley is completely lost without her brothers. In fact, as I type she is sitting on my shoulders MOOING as loud as she can until she once again has my undivided attention. She enjoys sharing bizarre and mostly untrue stories with all of the bus stop parents while we wait each morning and afternoon.  For example she has told them that she is in love with her dad whom she plans to marry some day. She continued by explaining that she has to sleep with him each night because her mother frequently poops the bed. She also told them that her Granny is a dairy farmer and that her house if full of mouse and rat feces.  Another story included me going to prison for stealing jewelry in New York City.  She is also attempting to "HIPPOMIZE"  AKA hypnotize,  all those around her by saying, "Look into my eyes, give up your mind to me!"
 Anyway, sometimes I just need a little something to enjoy while I try to relax and regroup at the end of each very eventful day and since my religion discourages anything stronger, (which is probably a good thing, because I am pretty sure I would be a drunk by now) here is something that I am loving at the moment: 
Safeway ReFreshe Flavored Sparkling Water in it's many fruity flavors!
 Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most!


alexandra said...

I loved every single sentence of this. So hilarious, and I love your mom-style.

Melinda said...

Can I tell you how much I love this blog? You have such an awesome sense of humor. I love little Harley too. She's a hoot in nursery. Adelaide keeps telling people she's going to marry Eleanor, and Eleanor will always chime in yelling, "No! No!" and then Adelaide cries.... kids.