Friday, September 26, 2014

A Typical Saturday

Don't you love the fall?  You can definitely feel autumn in the air here and along with it comes the busyness of the season.  Our Saturdays are spent going from one game to the next and trying to squeeze in time to watch our Cougars play football in the evening.  Harley started soccer a few weeks ago and she loves it.  She is very aggressive, which is no surprise with two big brothers. We think she is the cutest thing in cleats.
Nash is playing fall baseball. He is a talented little player and it is a ton of fun to watch him. 
He was also the youngest player at a special basketball camp  hosted by Christian Laettner of Duke Basketball fame. So, now he is shooting hoops every night that he isn't practicing baseball.

Atley is also playing soccer, mostly because he thinks we really want him too.  His games are long and a little too serious to suit him but it is good exercise.  He recently tried out for Musical Theater Club at his school. There were a little over 200 students who auditioned and only 60 accepted. We are happy to announce that Atley was one of them and will be performing Les Miserables in January. I don't have any pictures of him playing soccer or performing yet but here is a picture of him being punished for using POTTY talk during dinner time.  Yes, he was banished to eating his dinner on the potty.

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