Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lunch Ideas

I have been attempting to UP my game in the lunch department this school year. I invested in those super popular Bento Boxes and the kids are loving it.  Atley said he is actually excited to see what surprise might be in his lunch everyday.  Here are a few ideas.  Remember, judging our imperfect eating habits is very sinful!
Starting at the top left corner and moving across:
1. PB&J, Muffin, Crackers, Raspberries, Cheese
2. Homemade Pizza Lunchable with Pita Bread, Cantaloupe and Teddy Grahams
3. Jerky, Pretzels, Cheese, Carrots, Cucumbers, Marshmallows, 
4. Hotdog, Gogurt, Watermelon, Crackers, Carrots, Cookie
5. Homemade Lunchable with Bologna, Cheese, Crackers, Apple, Jell-O, Twinkie
6. Ham Sandwich, Pecan Roll, Carrots, Popcorn, Champagne Grapes
7. Crackers with Cheese Spread, Teddy Grahams, Orange, Apples, Carrots
8. Cream Cheese & Ham Whole-Wheat Bagel, Orange, Cucumbers, Cookies, Popcorn
9. Pasta Salad, Oreos, Apples

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G&G said...

Look good enough to eat......