Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Letter Learning

 I convinced Nash to create a letter game for Harley. He wrote out the alphabet on Popsicle sticks and then put them in a cup.  He would draw a stick and show Harley the letter. If  Harley knew the letter she would get a candy corn.  When he showed her the letter, Nash would tell her all of that letter's sounds. This also helps Nash. Nash has dyslexia.  He has to scrutinize every word and every letter by sounding it out phonetically. No word ever looks the same way to him twice. It is a struggle everyday and I am recognizing some of those same symptoms in Harley Belle.  So, obviously, I am thrilled when they are willing to work together in a way that is helping both of them. They really have lots of fun together.  She always makes Nash laugh and he can always make her smile.

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