Thursday, October 1, 2015

Budding Artists (Catch Up Part 1)

Last Spring we took the cutest little Art Class.  The kid's spent two hours silently working.  It was such a ZEN moment for the whole family and their creations were pretty fantastic.

Harley loves creating things. She doesn't play with toys but she loves to draw, paint, sculpt, design and write/tell stories.  While I was recovering from my appendectomy she really needed a project to keep her busy while I rested.  Especially, when I woke up to find her really throwing herself into her art one afternoon.
A few years ago I bought a hug painting canvas at Home Depot and I have used it for tons of projects.  It was one of the best investments I ever made.  One day I had Harley draw some pictures on that canvas and then cut them out.  I sewed them up for her and then let her stuff them full of stuffing and stitch around the opening herself.  It was great fun and kept her entertained for a very long time. Thank goodness.

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