Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Thrift Store Experiment (Catch Up Part 2)

At the beginning of the summer I was really in the mood to do some serious purging.  Apparently, I was inspired because little did I know we would be moving in 6 short weeks.  The kids were not really on board the purging train, so, in an effort to show them what happens to the things we donate we went to our local thrift store. I gave each child $10 and 20 minutes to find things they wanted/needed.  The rules were that at least one of the items had to be useful, such as clothing.  Here is how each one of them spent their money.

Harley bought a fish dress, a pair of new-to-her CROCS and a pink flamingo to accessorize.
Nash hit the jackpot when he found a RAY LEWIS jersey and a hat from one of his favorite restaurants PANDA EXPRESS.

Atley found a ship from the Bahamas, a Korean Airlines stuffed jet, and a new-to-him pair of KEENS.
Believe it or not when we really started purging for the move, the kids put up very little fight as we donated lots of their beloved items.