Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Real Life

The tree is gone and so are the other decorations. Scott is back at work and Atley is back in school. Our two-week dog sitting adventure ended this morning with Nash crying over the puppy that went back to his real family. Life is back to normal. Now we find ourselves staring down a long cold winter that usually doesn't end here until April. And I have the last months of what has already seemed like a long pregnancy to look forward too. In other words spring cannot come fast enough for me and my family.

We had a longer than normal holiday vacation due to the large amount of snow fall on the East Coast. Atley's vacation started three days earlier than expected which made it even harder to send him back to school today. With the exception of the four short days that my mom was here, we were pretty much alone and some days even a little lonely throughout the holiday season. Scott calls these days relaxing, I call them boring. We did manage to do a few things like eat a lot, spend time at the library and the mall, watch a lot of football and then a little basketball and some more football. Scott also broke the world record for the "MOST TIME A GROWN MAN CAN PLAY A COMPUTER GAME WHILE ON VACATION." We saw a couple of movies including:

I give Alvin a big thumbs up and Fantastic Mr. Fox two big thumbs up.

The boys spent time painting and building model airplanes, which gave me something to do as I spent the next several days cleaning paint off of anything and everything imaginable.
No vacation is complete without at least one visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

And of course we had several failed attempts at getting Nash to use the potty. Nash also had his first day in primary as a Sunbeam. He proudly told me that he would be the only sunbeam that wore a diaper. Of course he was right, my only justification is that he is also the youngest sunbeam by more than four months.

Despite the depressing nature of the winter ahead we are looking forward to 2010 and hope that all of you had a great holiday and are adjusting better than I am to normal life. I also hope that your New Year's Resolutions are more attainable than mine. I am already on day four of falling behind.


Wendie said...

That's why I made resolutions like...
1- Get up everyday.
2- Eat
3- Do laundry (once a month).

I thought up these for you...
1- Give birth sometime this year.
2- Pick a name for my baby.
3- Shop for baby clothes.
4- Complete a 2000 piece puzzle in four days or less.

Good Luck

G&G said...

What an awesome Chuck E Cheese, Atley looks so grown up and that cute Nash will the potting down eventually. No one starts kindergarden in diapers. love you and your blogs. Make my days!!!!