Friday, January 15, 2010

Product Endorsements!

Since my last blog was a litany of complaints about pregnancy, I thought it only fitting to share with you two items that have helped ease my pain just a little.

First, Scott bought me a body pillow for Christmas. However, this is not just any body pillow this one is made by LOVE SAC, the company that makes the giant bean bags. I can hardly express the level of comfort and joy this pillow brings into my life. It is a little piece of heaven! I named it Jacob!

Second, last summer I bought a pair of "Skecher Shape Ups". These shoes are costumed made to correct your posture and help with muscle tone. They are also created to help people with chronic back and/or knee pain. I honestly can't say that I saw a major "toning" of my butt and thighs while I wore them but since I have been pregnant I have been wearing them most days. And I can testify that on the days that I wear these shoes I have substantially less back and pelvic pain. Yes, they are not really pretty but I am all about comfort right now! I highly recommend shape up shoes to anyone.

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G&G said...

Is Scott jealous of the "Jacob" in your life? Maybe I need one! -Robyn