Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Shower

My wonderful friends threw me an amazing baby shower last week. Thanks guys! Here are some pictures.
Just a little over two weeks and I have to start worrying about how much I eat again. Have I enjoyed eating as much as I want? Uh! Look at the picture, what do you think?

We played a game where the guests had to choose certain attributes I wanted the baby to inherit and whether the baby should inherit them from me or her daddy. For example, nose, eyes, patience, demeanor, etc. I decided and then the object of the game was to see who could guess as closely to what I chose. My friend Erin, (the gorgeous blonde pictured above) who is totally hilarious, stopped in the middle of the game and says, "I just have one question! Are we assuming Scott is the father?"

All the fun presents!

Once again my friend Jill and her sweet sister Natalie wowed everyone with their crafty talents. They made these adorable aprons for the boys, complete with pockets full of baby supplies to help with their new little sister.

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G&G said...

What a fun shower, your friends are as crazy as you. The refreshments and presents look well worth the hassle.
The boys look like such helpers as I'm sure they will be.