Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frying Pan Park

Today was probably Nash's last official outing with mommy as the baby of the family. I feel a little bit sorry for him. We went to a little farm and saw all of the new baby animals and played on the tractors.

"Check out all of the baby pigs, Mom!!" For some reason all of the greedy little pigs disturbed me a little. Maybe they bore too close a resemblance to me nursing my young and the impending new nurser on her way.

Nash showing off his battle wound. The turkey in the background attacked him a few minutes previously and took a little chunk out of his finger. I told him that's why we eat turkeys at Thanksgiving!


Janae Walker said...

i found your blog! that was so much fun! i wish it wouldn't have been so dang cold!!! i am so excited for little harley to come :)

Janae Walker said...

oh, i feel the same about the nursing pig....but at least we don't have to nurse that many kids at once!