Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Am I so Tired?

Well, besides being 9 months pregnant and having two boys that still seem to have difficulty sleeping through the night, I actually have other reasons for being tired. First, I am convinced that Atley lays awake at night dreaming up projects for me. While I love his creativity and vivid imagination, it gets exhausting. Lately, he has had visions of everything from Air Traffic Control Towers made of plastic cups and cardboard, to Fish made from recycled 2 Liter bottles. Lucky for me he came up with the Darth Vader costume without any help from me. I just had to clean up the mess.

Nash got his head stuck in a chair yesterday. I am just thankful that Scott was home to help me take the chair apart or he might have had to walk around with a chair wrapped around his neck for quite some time.

This morning the boys caught their first frog of the spring/summer season. They played with him most of the morning but then they seemed to lose interest. I asked them where the frog was and they told me he got away. They were right. However, they failed to mention that the frog had gotten away inside the house. This afternoon while I was picking up their matchbox car mess, I grabbed something squishy and slimy. It was the frog that had gotten away. Don't worry I re-captured him and set him free OUTSIDE!!

Because I am such an amazing mother, I let Atley and Nash pee outside. Unfortunately, Nash has taken relieving himself out doors to a whole new level. We have caught him pooping on the lawn several times. He has been in trouble for it too. So, I suppose I should have been excited when he came in this morning to get his potty chair. He took it outside, carefully placed it on the patio and sat down to poop.

Sometimes I catch a break and they will jump on the trampoline for 10 whole minutes before they need a drink and a snack.

All I ask is that you do not judge me if you come to my house this afternoon and the house looks like a tornado wreaked havoc. Don't be surprised to find cupcake crumbs in nearly every room and frosting on the walls, because apparently in some state of exhausted delirium I promised them we could make cupcakes today. And please don't be surprised if you find me passed out on one couch while the boys sit in a zombie-like state in front of the TV on the other couch. At this point I am just trying to survive!


The King Family said...

What a creative little boy! Just a few more weeks and sweet little Harley will be here and you'll be feeling better.

Tracy said...

Those boys are super cute, personality and all, and you do such a great job with them!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! Your kids are so funny. It cracks me up that Nash likes to poop outside. I always laugh out loud when I read your blog. Hope you're feeling good!