Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

We had a jam-packed 4th of July weekend.  It all started Friday night when the family camped out on the trampoline.  I only lasted until midnight.  Scott came in about 5AM, Nash about 5:30, and Atley 6:15.  Atley was convinced he was the only one who actually slept outside so he has been puffed up like a peacock all weekend over his bravery.  Saturday we had our church breakfast and program at a local park.  Harley was introduced to donuts and will most likely never be the same.

Sunday we decorated the boys bikes for the neighborhood parade which began bright and early Monday morning.  The parade was followed by a neighborhood barbecue and games including a moon bounce.

Then we had a birthday party in the park and even more yummy barbecue.  The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming at our house with some great friends.  Of course more food was involved, including another one of Harley's favorites--watermelon.
 Then all of us walked to the fireworks, which started late due to technical difficulties. Apparently someone must have forgotten the matches.  We spent a long time waiting but it was worth the wait. Everyone was exhausted and of course I completely snapped...

more pictures. 
We got home around midnight but still had our own fireworks to light.
It was a 4th we will never forget and possibly never recover from!

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